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17 Easy Dusting Hacks For Dusting House That Your Mama Didn’t Know

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Do you ever ask yourself why there is so much dust in your house?

Well here are some simple dusting tips on how to dust your home the easy way and EASY DUSTING HACKS to prevent more dust from accumulating!

If you hate dusting house as much as I do, then use these hacks to do the dusting!


Dusting Hacks For A Clean Home


With spring around the corner, it’s time to get rid of all that dust that has been accumulating while you were stuck indoors all winter.

Dust bunnies may sound cute, but they are gross.

Excessive dust in your house can cause breathing problems and allergies.

After all, dust mites are a real thing.

Easy Dusting Hacks

When I was growing up, one of my chores consisted of dusting.

Of course, as a kid, I would have loved to have just used a feather duster and been on my way. 

My mother explained how a feather duster only spreads the dust to other places.

Then she handed over Pledge and dust cloth. 

What took the most time, was dusting all the little things displayed on the end tables and bookshelves. 

From ornate ceramics to souvenirs from the places we had traveled, there were quite a lot of little things in our home that collected a whole lot of dust. 

So one dusting hack I realized as a kid is not to own a lot of knick-knacks!

When you have a lot of picture frames and cute ceramics displayed they ATTRACT dust like a magnet. 

Don’t worry if you do own a lot of knick-knacks, I have 17 dusting hacks that work, that I wish my Mama would have known!

Why Is There So Much Dust In My House?

When my husband and I first moved into our home in the country, I couldn’t understand why there was so much dust and grime in our home.

No matter what I did, it came back with full vengeance.

It was starting to become a problem!

Not only was I cleaning way more than I wanted to be, but my family was constantly sneezing due to the dust mites. 

It took a good deep cleaning and some dusting preventative strategies to finally minimize the dirt in my home.

Now dusting the house once a week is all I need to do to keep my house dust-free.

Best Dusting Method To Remove Dust From Your Home

The best dusting method is figuring out what is causing the uncontrollable dust in your house in the first place and then you can figure out how to prevent dust from entering your home.

4 reasons why is there so much dust in your house:

  • Poor quality air filters
  • Pets
  • Not using the right cleaning supplies
  • Tracking dust and dirt in without realizing it

Another easy dusting tip is to know where dust accumulates the most in your home. 

Just look around your home and you can see where the dusty areas are, but it is important to clean the dust “hotspots” as well. 

The places dust likes to accumulate:

  • Ceiling fans
  • Baseboards
  • Window blinds
  • Upholstered Furniture

Thankfully for you (and me), I have come up with some easy dusting hacks to clean all the dusty areas, even the hidden “hotspots”!

These dusting tips will not only rid your house of dust, but they will prevent new dust from entering your home! 

17 Dusting Hacks To Keep A Dust-Free Home

Dusting hacks to keep your house clean and to get rid of those pesky dust mites and allergens! These dusting tips will help you breathe easier and clean less!

Hacks To Do The Dusting (How To Clean Dust)

1. Dust From The Top To Bottom 

When you clean the high areas first, then it lets the dust settle to the floor and you can vacuum it all up when you are finished.

2. Use Micro-Fiber Cloths To Clean Dust

Micro-fiber cloths are an amazing cleaning tool. They attract dust like a magnet and then you can just throw them in the washer when you are done.

They can be used dry or a little damp.

Tip: Never use fabric softener on microfiber cloths because they will not attract dust as well.

Also, let them air dry.

There are some cheap Microfiber Cloths that work well.

However, my absolute favorite is the Norwex brand because it is infused with silver to have antibacterial properties.


Dusting Hacks

Dusting Hack #3 Use Dust Slippers

3. Dust With Your Feet

These cool Dust Mop Slippers are awesome! They pick up all the dusty dirt as you are walking around.

If you wear these when you clean, or when just hanging around your house, they will help cut down on sweeping.

They capture the dust instead of spreading it around.

This is a genius dusting hack that is even fun for your kids to do. 

I wear these dust slippers every time I clean! Then I just pop them in the washer.

4. Dusting Hacks To Dust Cloth Furniture

I use a lint roller on my sofa and lampshades.

It works like a charm.

Another dusting trick is to rub a rubber glove on your sofa to create static to attract the dust and then just vacuum it or use your lint-roller.

5.  Use A Pillowcase On Your Ceiling Fan

Slip a pillowcase over your ceiling fan blades and pull it off slowly.

The pillowcase collects all the grime without making a mess. Then just toss the pillowcase in the wash.

6. Use Tongs To Dust Your Blinds

Grab a set of kitchen tongs from your kitchen.

Take one of your micro-fiber cloths and cut it in half. Then use twist ties or rubber bands to attach the micro-fiber cloth to the tongs.

Use the tongs to clamp down on each blade of the blind and wipe the dust away.  

7. Use A Dryer Sheet To Repel Dust 

So if you do happen to have a lot of knick-knacks in your home, then dust them off with a dryer sheet.

Using a dryer sheet on them will not only clean them but it will repel dust and keep you from having to dust them as often.

This simple trick to eliminate dust will work for baseboards too. 

8. Brush Your Plants 

Use an old toothbrush to gently brush off the dust off real and fake plants. 

9. How To Dust Knick Knacks With A Vacuum Attachment

If your vacuum comes with a dust brush attachment you can still use it on delicate things like ceramics.

Just attach a thin dress sock or cut pantyhose to the brush attachment first. 

It keeps the brush bristles from damaging any of your valuables, while still sucking up all the dust!

After vacuuming the dust, simply throw the dress sock in the wash for next time.

This is also a great way to use a vacuum attachment to dust walls, baseboards, and furniture to help prevent any scratching.

See the picture below, it is how I attach a dress sock to my dust brush before using it on anything that is breakable.


Dusting Hack For Knick Knacks


Dusting Hacks To Reduce Dust In Home

10. Change Your Air Filter Monthly

We stopped using the expensive HEPA furnace air filters for a little while, and it was a big mistake.

When we started using them again, the dust in our home was cut down by 50%.

They truly make a huge difference.

Also, when you dust, turn your thermostat on to fan.

Leave it run while you are dusting and an extra 10 minutes after you are done.

It will suck all that loose dust out of the air and straight into your HEPA filter.

11. Use Doormats

Keep the dirt from entering your home in the first place by using doormats.

Have doormats inside and outside of your entry doors to collect all the dirt.

12. Don’t Wear Shoes In The House

Using doormats is a must, but if you really want to prevent dust and dirt from coming into your home then you must stop wearing shoes inside. 

We keep a shoe storage bin like this one in our entryway. 

13. Use House Plants For More Than Decor

Plants purify the air. They are natural air filters. 

Check out this post to see some decorative house plants and read about all the amazing ways that house plants can help clean your home for FREE.

14. Declutter And Organize Your Closet

Your closets can be full of dust because of all the fibers shedding from your clothes.

These tips on organizing your closet should help take care of that.

15. Use A Humidifier

When the air is moist, it prevents static electricity from building up.

I use these humidifiers in the winter, but during the other months, I use an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser to put a little mist in the air.

I diffuse my favorite cleaning oil Clean & Fresh for the perfect clean scent.

16. Run An Air Purifier

We bought an air purifier last year to help with allergies.

Not only did it catch all of those nasty allergens in the air, but it catches all the dust as well.

We have a large air purifier in our living room and mini-ones in our bedrooms.

17. Own A Good Vacuum

If you are one of the lucky ones that own a robotic vacuum then you really shouldn’t have any dust bunnies.

If not, then I hope you have a vacuum with an excellent filter.

I have a Rainbow (I have no idea how the salesman talked me into it) which has a water filter that I love. However, I despise lugging it around. 

So I decided to make my life easier that I needed to get a light powerful vacuum that was easy to use and easy to store.

After doing research, I bought a Shark Rocket and it has made cleaning so much easier!

Hacks To Do The Dusting

Once you rid your home of all the dust, just a little maintenance is all you will need.

Definitely use these dust prevention tips because they should help make your home almost DUST-FREE.

I like to work smarter, and not harder. Not only will your home look cleaner, but you will also breathe better and even sleep better.

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Thursday 17th of February 2022

Thank you for sharing these tips! My house has been so dusty lately, so we got a carpet cleaning to help. I'm planning on replacing our air filters and I should probably start having family and guests take off their shoes in my home!

Catherine Brooks

Wednesday 3rd of February 2021

Great info! My entire family has allergies so very useful info and reminders.

Marisabel Park

Tuesday 2nd of February 2021

Excellent Tips and I really like that are towards making dusting more time-efficient!!!

Amanda Coates

Monday 1st of February 2021

There are some amazing tips here! I hate dusting! Love thr pillowcase on the ceiling fan and the dust mop slippers...may have to get some for all of my kiddos! ?

Jericka Anderson

Monday 1st of February 2021

I love the pillow sheet hack you mentioned for the fans. My gosh they collect so much dust!