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How to Purge Your Bedroom & Declutter It Fast

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Find out how to purge your bedroom and declutter it fast with these quick and simple tips that will have your room clean and organized in no time!

Use and print the FREE Declutter Bedroom Checklist to feel accomplished and get a good night’s sleep with a fresh room!

How To Purge Your Bedroom


As a work-at-home-Mom who has struggled to find a work/life balance, I have really struggled with organizing and cleaning my home.

I have felt like a failure when it comes to housekeeping ever since having my third child.

Then I realized, the problem was WE HAD TOO MUCH STUFF!

I wasn’t a house-keeping failure, I just didn’t know how to manage all the stuff!

Follow along with my DECLUTTERING SERIES for tips to declutter and organize your home once and for all.  This series covers the 3-main clutter areas: the kitchen, bedroom, and closet

I have outlined what has worked for me and it really has turned my life around.

Life’s too short to spend all your time cleaning and organizing…only to spend less and less time with your family.

How to Clean Your Bedroom Fast

Is your room a tranquil place to relax and sleep or is it the catch-all room that makes you cringe?

As embarrassing as this is to confess, I must tell you that my room was the “clutter catch-all” because it was the room we could “hide” stuff to make all the other rooms look clean.

Studies suggest that decluttering your room will help you sleep better and other studies have linked cluttered rooms to depression. 

I know that I feel so much better when my room is clean and organized.

When the room has less, I feel less stressed.

I can breathe better, the room feels cooler, the air feels lighter, and I don’t have the “clutter-guilt”.

There are many guides out there that give great tips on how to declutter your room, but most advise to do it a little at a time. Sometimes we just need to bite the bullet and GET IT DONE.

If we let the dreaded chore of cleaning our room take days or even weeks, we will eventually give up and never complete it. Follow along with these tried and true tips on how to declutter your room FAST!

Click here to grab your FREE declutter your bedroom checklist!

Declutter Bedroom Checklist

1. The first thing to do is put on some good music. I don’t mean easy listening music, I mean the good stuff! Pick some really good jams, maybe even your favorite tunes from high-school.

2. Grab some large trash bags, a hamper, and a “what does not belong” bin.

3. See how quickly you can fill your first trash bag. Fill it with trash, old papers, water bottles, receipts, old candles, broken hangers, and just whatever you want to throw away.

4. Pick up all clothing laying around in your room and put into the hamper.

5. Pick up anything that DOES NOT BELONG in your bedroom and put it in a bin.

6. Declutter Your Closet – Take everything out. Everything!

7. Downsize Your Wardrobe – Now is the time to get rid of all those outfits you will NEVER wear.

8. Fill remaining trash bags with clothes to donate.

9. Figure out where to put things in your room.

10. Clean your room – wipe off nightstands and dressers. Sweep and vacuum. Wash your bedding. Make your bed.

Declutter bedroom Checklist

How to Purge Your Bedroom

Start with the essentials you will need: trash bags, a hamper, and a “what doesn’t belong” bin.

This will help you get rid of everything that doesn’t belong in your room. 

Have you decided on what upbeat jam you will be listening to?

Good! Turn it up!

Let the music get your good vibes going and get started.

It’s time to purge, baby, purge!

Start by filling a trash bag as quickly as possible!

This quick method will help you be more active in throwing stuff away, instead of talking yourself into keeping it.

Don’t just throw away the trash, throw away all of that clutter that is just collecting dust.

There are probably plenty of things in your room that you really don’t need and will never use.

Just like Marie Kondo advises, if it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it!

How to Declutter a Room Full of Everything

Pick up all of the clothes lying around in your room.

Dirty clothes, clothes on the floor, even that sweater that has been on top of your dresser for the past 6 months.

Or if you are like me, you have a chair that is primarily used to hold clothes. Put all of these clothes in the hamper.

Now go looking for items that don’t belong in your bedroom.

Look for toys, bills, cups, or whatever may have accumulated in your room recently and put it all in the “what does not belong” bin.

Remember, that all of this clutter is mostly there from you just delaying putting it away, giving it away, or throwing it away.

Don’t say you’ll deal with it later, do it now!

Tip: If you find any old games, DVDs, CDs, or even old phones, check out Decluttr! There you can easily and quickly sell your unwanted stuff. Get an instant quote, ship for free, and get paid!

How to Declutter Your Bedroom Closet

Now it’s time to tackle your closet and dressers. Quickly go through your belongings and separate them into three piles: items to keep, items to donate, and items to toss.

Check out my guide on how to declutter your closet and downsize your wardrobe.

After you have figured out what clothes you will be keeping, put the rest in trash bags to donate.

Or you can try to sell them, but remember to do it right away so you don’t have that bag just cluttering up your room.

Where to Put Things in your Bedroom

Now it’s time to put everything back. You should have gotten rid of some of your clothes so your dressers should not be as full.

If you are still having trouble with space, then use the KonMari method to fold your clothes.

This folding method, popularized by Marie Kondo, allows you to fit more clothes into drawers by using less space.

You can find a complete guide on the best ways to fold your clothes in the Ultimate Declutter Handbook.

The Ultimate Declutter Handbook

You Are Not Messy You Just Have Too Much Stuff! Grab Your Ultimate Declutter Handbook TODAY!


Find out how I make money using the KonMari Method!

Also, consider buying storage units to use under your bed. This is a great option for storing out-of-season clothing.

This is the durable & inexpensive under-the-bed storage unit I use. 

Clean Your Room

Now that all of the clutter has been removed, it’s time to clean your room.

Wipe off all surfaces. There is probably a large collection of dust under all of that clutter.

Take a dust mop to your light fixture and upper corners of your room to clear out any cobwebs.

Vacuum any carpeting or rugs.

Wash all of your bedding.

Light a scented candle or diffuse your favorite essential oil. My two favorite scents to diffuse in my bedroom are Happy Joy and Tranquility.

Organize Your Bedroom

When your room isn’t drowning in too many things, the organization will follow.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect, because after all, it is the space you live in.

Pinterest and Pottery Barn ads can give unrealistic expectations.

Success is built on habits, but don’t just build a decluttering habit, build a good healthy habit of putting things where they belong.

If you have any cute baskets, use them to put everything in at the end of the day that does not belong in your room.

This should keep your dressers, nightstand, and floor clutter-free. Baskets are an organizer’s best friend.

These are just a few of the baskets I use to keep my stuff organized while looking very decorative.


How To Clean & Organize Your Room In One Day

Take a deep breath and enjoy the great feeling of accomplishment of having a clean, uncluttered room.

Kick back and relax with a glass of wine if you fancy.

With the dust out of the air, and that “clutter guilt” feeling gone, I hope you enjoy a good night’s rest.

You deserve it! 🙂

Don’t forget to grab your bedroom decluttering checklist in the FREE Resource Library!

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