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10+ Hacks To Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Organized

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The best tips you will find on the web for how to keep your kitchen clean and organized. These unique kitchen organization ideas will save your time and keep your kitchen beautifully tidy.

How to Keep Kitchen Clean and Organized

Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Kitchens are one of the most popular rooms of a home. That is why kitchens are also the biggest selling point in real estate. I know that my kitchen is the central hub for my family.

It is where we spend many hours from cooking, to eating, to doing schoolwork at the kitchen table.

Our kitchen is ALWAYS in use.

This is part of a DECLUTTERING SERIES that has helped me balance my life by getting my home tidy and organized.

The series includes 3 of the most clutter catch-all rooms: the kitchen, bedroom, and closet. In this part of the series, I will be sharing tips to keep your kitchen clean and organized!

how to keep the kitchen clean

Tips To Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Organized

Having a clean organized kitchen brings me so much joy. I love to walk into my kitchen when it is all clean and everything is where it should be.

Although I have a large family, so for the kitchen to STAY clean and organized, it takes some work.

Keeping the kitchen clean can be a struggle, but remember the place where you prep your food needs to be hygienic.

Organizing your kitchen is the first step in keeping your kitchen clean. When your kitchen looks good then it is the perfect canvas to start cooking, however, cooking just leads to another mess.

We have to feed our families, so we need to find the right kitchen hacks to help us keep the kitchen clean and organized.

Luckily, I have found some great tips on how to keep your kitchen clean and organized.

Sometimes, we just need a little inspiration to help motivate us in the right direction.

These amazing DIY kitchen organization ideas are great tips for a Pinterest Perfect Kitchen.

Genius Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

Tired of a dirty kitchen? Try these simple kitchen cleaning hacks to keep your kitchen organized.

Find Kitchen Storage Ideas

If you are looking for kitchen storage ideas, then Cassie at Living Low Key has many unique ideas to organize your cupboards and drawers.


Finding kitchen storage products is a great start to organize your kitchen. Once you have a place for all the “stuff” then keeping your kitchen clean should less stressful.

Sometimes the entire problem of organizing our kitchen is that we just don’t have enough space.

I know I wish my kitchen was larger. I feel like if I had more storage and counter-top space, then organizing my kitchen would be a breeze.

Holly at Pink Fortitude gives kitchen organization secrets from using awkward spaces to remembering your prepositions like over and under. She gives great tips on kitchen storage ideas than can be right under your nose.


 Clean The Cluttered Countertops

One problem, I think we all deal with, is cluttered kitchen counter-tops. If you struggle with decluttering your kitchen counters, then Amy at Organization Boutique can help.

She has a very thorough guide on how to declutter your kitchen counters once and for all. Amy’s great tips will guide you through ridding your counter-tops of the accumulation of junk mail, appliances, and more.


Of course, one huge problem in all of our kitchen’s is dirty dishes. Most people have a dishwasher, however, our sinks still seem to be the haven for dirty dishes.

Keep The Sink Clean

A clean sink can make your kitchen instantly look tidy.

Emily at Small Stuff Counts writes that keeping your kitchen sink organized will help speed up the clean-up process. She even made cute DIY soap dispensers to make the kitchen sink area pretty.



Clean Your Refrigerator

Don’t forget the place that you keep all that food your family eats, must be kept clean. You should always clean any spills immediately. Then do a thoughcou refigerator wipe down every couple of months. 

Danielle at DIY Danielle has great tutorial on how to make washable mats for your refrigerator shelves for a quick clean up. 

Organize The Pots and Pans Correctly

Pots and pans take up a lot of storage space in our kitchens.

Many people stack their pots all together, which is a HUGE mistake. Carrie at the Clutter Keeper explains that nesting your pans will damage them.


She uses decorative storage solutions to keep her pots and pans organized and keep them in great condition.

Organize the Kitchen Pantry

My kitchen pantry holds EVERYTHING. Every now and then I pull everything out and reorganize it, just to do it again several months later.

Carissa at Creative Green Living reorganized her pantry to be Pinterest worthy. Her pantry makeover tips will not only be pleasant to the eye but will also organize your pantry once and for all.


From bins to labels, there will be a designated space for everything in the pantry.

How to keep your kitchen clean and organized


If you don’t have a pantry, you still kitchen storage like Jasmine at Feeling Nifty.  She made a functional DIY pantry out of IKEA Billy Bookcase hack.

Organize the Junk Drawer

We all have that one drawer in our kitchen that catches everything we don’t know what to do with. From pens to batteries, to receipts from 3 years ago, the junk drawer has it all.

Shirley at Intelligent Domestications created a simple plan to organize your junk drawer for FREE.

There will be no money spent and your junk drawer will be perfectly organized. Her genius organization hack will have anyone questioning why they never thought of that before.

Organize the Whole Kitchen Into Zones

If you want to tackle your entire kitchen at once, Jennifer at Noting Grace recommends organizing your kitchen into zones. Her awesome tip is to organize your kitchen into zones that make sense for your floor-plan.

Her kitchen is beautifully organized from a cooking zone to a beverage zone. By creating zones for your kitchen, everything has a place, therefore, simplifying your time.

How to keep your kitchen clean and organized

Beverage Zone


The overwhelming project of organizing the kitchen can be a struggle for many of us.

If you need a guide to break down just how much time you will be putting into each process of your kitchen organization project, Amanda at Jasper & Willow breaks it down into easy time intervals.

Organizing the kitchen seems like a huge project, but just follow Amanda’s motto “Done is better than perfect”!

Now there are no excuses to keep you from organizing the kitchen. If you are still not focused on keeping your kitchen clean and organized, Allison at Healthy Living In Colorado debunks all the excuses that are keeping you from tackling your kitchen.

There you will also find many great organization tips to work smarter, and not harder. Allison sets it straight by saying “Your kitchen should be one of the most organized and clean rooms in your house!”

These time-saving kitchen organization ideas will keep your kitchen clean and tidy.

 After all, it is where we prep and cook the meals that nourish our families. With the kitchen being the heart of the home, let’s make it a beautiful space that we love.

For more quick organization hacks, check out 10 Organizational Hacks To Declutter The Whole House.

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Linda Smith

Saturday 10th of October 2020

Absolutely awesome tips! I read your whole article and I got some essential ideas and organizing tips. Actually, we moved our new house and I need to organize my kichen properly. Seriously, thanks for all these awesomeness.

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Very informative thanks!

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Thanks for sharing my post! Happy Organizing for this New Year!