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Christmas Adam: Merry Christmas Eve Eve Celebration

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What is the new Christmas Adam tradition?

Let me explain it with 12 fun ways to celebrate Christmas Eve Eve. 


What is Christmas Adam?


Christmas Adam is a relatively new term and holiday tradition that takes place on December 23rd, the day before Christmas Eve.

Many families have adopted celebrating Christmas Eve Eve as a way to extend the holiday season and spend more time together.

Don’t worry if you have never heard of it. My family was just introduced to it last year.

Now, let me introduce you to the new Christmas tradition of Christmas Adam. 

What Is Christmas Adam

Christmas Adam is a kind of humorous term that describes December 23rd, which falls a day before Christmas Eve.

The origins of Christmas Adam are not entirely clear, but it is believed to have originated in the southern United States as a playful twist on the biblical story of Adam and Eve.

Since I am from the South, I can attest that we go all out for Christmas and try to extend the celebrations any way we can.

You may have even seen a Merry Christmas Adam meme on social media.

Some people believe it came from the Bible’s story of Adam and Eve, while others think it was solely created to make the holiday season longer.  

Whatever the origin, it has become a fun tradition for many families.

Unlike Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Christmas Adam is not considered a religious holiday. 

Some families use this day to do last-minute Christmas shopping or prepare for the Christmas feast.

While others use Christmas Adam as a lighthearted and fun way to kick off the Christmas celebrations. 


Christmas Adam


Why Are People Saying Christmas Adam?

Christmas Adam is a fun Christmas tradition and term that some people are starting to use.

Many are starting to use the term on social media and saying “Happy Christmas Adam” the day before Christmas Eve.

While everyone may not recognize it, those who observe it enjoy the extra day of merrymaking and joy it brings.

Despite its uncertain origins, it sure has become a popular term in some circles. 

Last year, we celebrated Christmas Adam because it allowed us to extend the holiday season and enjoy more time with our loved ones. 

It is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit and prepare for the big day. 

Here is my funny Christmas Adam Meme that you can share on social media.


Merry Christmas Adam Meme


How to Make a Christmas Adam Tradition

If you’re interested in starting a Christmas Adam tradition of your own, there are many ways to do so. 

You could gather with friends and family for a special meal or exchange gifts. 

Or you could also use the day to volunteer or give back to your community. 

If you’re looking for some Christmas Adam traditions to start, here are a few ideas:

1. White Elephant

Have a “white elephant” gift exchange where everyone brings a wrapped gift and takes turns choosing a gift or stealing one from someone else.

Exchanging white elephant gift ideas is always fun!

2. Make DIY Ornaments

Create a unique Christmas Adam ornament to add to the tree each year.

Check out these DIY Chrismas ornaments:

Shooting Star Ornaments

Pink Yarn Gnome Ornaments

Fabric-wrapped Ornaments

DIY Ornament Kit

3. Christmas Cookie Contest

 Have a cookie decorating contest and award prizes for the most creative or best-tasting cookies. No matter what, everyone wins because there will be so many delicious cookies.

4. Have A Christmas Movie Marathon

Watch your favorite Christmas movies together.

Use this ultimate list of Christmas movies to find some new ones. 

5. Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Have a Secret Santa gift exchange where each person participating is assigned a person to give a gift to, but they keep their identity a secret until the gift is opened.

Use these free Secret Santa printables to get started. 

6. Ugly Christmas Sweater

Have an ugly Christmas sweater party where everyone wears an ugly Christmas sweater.

It’s fun to get into the holiday spirit and show off your sense of humor.

7. Elf on the Shelf

Include your Elf on the Shelf in your Christmas Adam shenanigans.

Play Elf twister, or use this time to get your kids to donate their toys with an Elf on the Shelf toy donation letter.

8. Go Caroling

Sing Christmas Carols together.

One of my favorite memories is walking around our neighborhood singing our favorite Christmas songs. 

9. Christmas Cookie Exchange

Have a Christmas cookie exchange party where everyone brings a batch of their favorite Christmas cookies to share with others.

It’s a great way to try new recipes and enjoy delicious treats.

Use one of these 20 Christmas cookie recipes

10. Hot Chocolate Bombs

Make hot cocoa bombs together.

They are easy to make and are so much fun to use!

Try out one of these unique hot chocolate bomb recipes.

11. Volunteer Your Time

Volunteer at a local shelter, food bank, or soup kitchen.

It’s a great way to give back and show some Christmas kindness!

12. Have A Holiday Game Night

Check out these fun Christmas games for adults, and then grab this free Would You Rather Christmas Edition Game for the kids. 

Planning the Celebration – Christmas Adam Party

Last year, we had a Christmas Adam party with some close friends since we always spend Christmas with family.

We had so much fun that we plan to make it a yearly tradition.

Since Christmas Adam is on December 23rd, I check with everyone to ensure they are available that day.

To add to the festive atmosphere, our home is already decorated with Christmas lights, wreaths, and other holiday decor.

I always create a list of activities that everyone can participate in.

This may include baking Christmas cookies, watching holiday movies, or playing games.

​Next, I have all the adults bring a potluck of finger foods. 

For dessert, we make Christmas cookies together.

Plus, I have a hot chocolate bar set up with my most requested recipe of Crockpot hot chocolate made with real chocolate chips. 

Also, I make sure to have plenty of Christmas music playing in the background.

Don’t make it stressful at all.

Please keep it simple and enjoy yourself.


merry christmas eve eve


Why Celebrate Merry Christmas Eve Eve

Celebrating Christmas Adam can bring a lot of benefits to our holiday season.

Here are some of the reasons why we love this tradition:

1. Extended holiday season

By celebrating Christmas Adam, we get to extend the holiday season by one more day.

This means that we have more time to spend with our loved ones and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

2. Less pressure on Christmas Day

With Christmas Adam, we can spread out the gift-giving and other activities over three days instead of cramming everything into one day.

This can help reduce the stress and pressure that often comes with the holiday season.

3. More opportunities for creativity

Since Christmas Adam is not as well-known as Christmas Day, there are no set traditions or expectations for how it should be celebrated.

This gives us the opportunity to be creative and come up with our own unique traditions and activities.

4. More time for reflection

Celebrating this new new tradition can also give us more time for reflection and gratitude.

We can take the opportunity to reflect on the past year and think about what we are grateful for before diving into the chaos of Christmas Day.

Happy Christmas Adam

I hope this has helped you understand what Christmas Adam is and how to make it a new tradition in your household. 

While it may not be as well-known as other holidays, it can be a fun and meaningful way to kick off the holiday season.

By celebrating Christmas Adam on December 23rd, you can enjoy the day or use it for preparation before the busyness of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Remember, the key to making Christmas Adam a tradition is to make it your own.

You can customize the day to fit your family’s interests and preferences.

The possibilities are endless, whether you want a holiday exchange or a low-key day at home.

It’s a fun and easy way to add some extra holiday cheer to your season. 

Let me know in the comments if you celebrate this new tradition.

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