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DIY Pink Gnome Ornaments Made From Yarn

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Adorable DIY pink gnome Christmas tree ornaments made from yarn!

Have fun with these simple DIY Christmas gnomes to add to your Scandi Christmas decor!


Christmas gnomes diy


Scandinavian Christmas Gnomes are really trending this year.

It is no secret that I love Scandinavian Christmas decor!

So when my daughter wanted to make some DIY Christmas gnomes, I was thrilled to make some Nordic-inspired decorations.

I think we all can agree that Christmas gnomes are just plain cute!

Seriously, they are like the Elf on the Shelf for adults.

DIY Christmas Gnomes

Every year, one of our most meaningful Christmas traditions is making handmade ornaments together.

My daughter has her own mini Christmas tree in her room that she decorates with handmade ornaments.

Last year my daughter wanted her tree to be full of shooting star ornaments, but this year she decided she wanted her tree to have DIY girl gnomes

After thinking about it, we decided to make pink yarn gnome ornaments.


Pink gnome ornaments made from yarn on Christmas tree

My daughter’s mini Christmas tree in her room is decorated with pink gnome Christmas tree ornaments.


So technically, they are not girl gnomes, because they have the beard and girl gnomes typically have braids.

However, pink hat gnomes with white beards look absolutely adorable and my daughter loves them!


Pink gnome ornament on Christmas tree


Instructions On How To Make Yarn Gnome Ornaments

These DIY gnome instructions are really simple and fun to do.

I have included detailed images to guide you through the simple steps of how to make pink gnome ornaments.

Supplies Needed For Gnome Ornaments:




  • Scissors



  • Cotton balls


  • Thin book or planner


  • Cardboard paper towel roll


  • Glue


First off we are going to start with the instructions on how to make a hat out of yarn

These steps guide you on how to make a bobble hat out of yarn for your DIY gnome.

How To Make A DIY Gnome Hat

Step 1: Take the blush pink yarn and spool it 40 times around the middle of a thin book or planner.


Spooling pink yarn to make bobble hat for yarn gnome ornaments.


Step 2: Cut the blush pink yard in the middle.


Cutting pink yarn for DIY Christmas gnomes


Step 3: Cut a half-inch ring from the cardboard paper towel holder for the base of the gnome hat.


Cut paper towel rings for DIY Christmas Gnome ornaments


Step 4: Double the pink yarn to create a large loop.


Instructions to make DIY Christmas gnome hat. Loop yarn in cardboard ring.


Step 5: Thread the loop of yarn inside the cardboard ring.


DIY gnome instructions to make yarn gnome ornaments.


Step 6: Fold over the loose yarn pieces into the loop and pull to make a knot.


DIY Christmas Gnome Instructions to make a yarn gnome ornament bobble hat.


Step 7: Continue doing this with all 40 pieces all around the base of the yarn gnome bobble hat.


Pink gnome Christmas ornaments.


Step 8: Once you have finished looping and knotting all the 40 pieces of yarn, then push all the yarn through the inside of the cardboard ring.


Pom pom gnome ornaments diy


Step 9: Take a piece of the pink yard and tie all the yarn together at the top of the hat. Trim off access of the tie.


DIY Christmas gnome bobble hat made from yarn.


Step 10: Trim down the yarn on the top to make a yarn bobble hat.

Step 11. Stuff the inside of the hat with 2 cotton balls.

How To Make A Gnome Beard Out Of  Yarn

There are so many variations of how you can make a DIY gnome beard with yarn.

This method is the same as making pom pom gnome ornaments.

When complete, you can trim the beard to be as long or as short as you like.

Now let’s go over the simple steps.

Step 1: Spool the cream yarn 70 times around the long side of a thin book or planner.


How to make a gnome beard out of yarn by spooling yarn over book.


Step 2: Gently slide the spooled yarn off of the book.

Step 3: Use a piece of yarn to tie the spooled yarn in the middle. Make sure to tie a tight knot.


Spooled yarn to make a DIY Christmas gnome ornament out of yarn.


Step 4: Cut the looped ends on both sides.


Cutting looped yarn to make DIY gnome ornaments out of yarn


Step 5: Now you will be left with a large pom-pom gnome beard. You can trim the pom pom gnome’s beard to be as long or as short as you want.


Pom Pom DIY Gnome Beard Out Of Yarn


DIY Gnome Instructions

Now that you have made the pink yarn gnome hat and the yarn beard, it’s time to construct your DIY gnome ornaments.

Step 1: Glue the hat onto the pom pom beard.

Step 2: Glue on the natural wooden bead where the hat meets the beard for the gnome’s nose.


DIY gnome ornament


Step 3. Loop a piece of yarn through the gnome’s hat to be able to hang your gnome ornaments. Or you can thread a long piece of yarn through the back of each pink gnome’s hat to make a garland.


DIY gnome Christmas ornaments garland


Now the simplicity of these adorable pink gnome Christmas ornaments is that you make each gnome different.

We didn’t want our Christmas gnomes to all look the same. 

The easy way to make each yarn gnome different is by trimming the beard to make it shorter or even trimming the pink yarn to make the bobble hat smaller. 


gnome ornaments


As you can see in the image above, the amount of yarn you trim from each gnome’s beard and hat really makes a difference.

Gnome Ornaments DIY


Gnome ornaments diy


I hope you have fun making these pink gnome Christmas tree ornaments!

Our family had a lot of fun making them and they turned out quite adorable!

Before you go, be sure to grab your FREE Christmas planning printables so you can plan out all of your DIY ornaments this year!

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Judy Christensen

Wednesday 1st of December 2021

Love it, they are perfect.