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DIY Rustic Christmas Ball Ornaments

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These simple DIY rustic Christmas ornaments are classic.

Rustic fabric-wrapped ornaments will add the perfect touch to your farmhouse Christmas decor.


handmade rustic Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

Handmade rustic Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

It’s here again, the most wonderful time of the year.

Christmas is by far my family’s favorite holiday.

Of course, my children enjoy all the gifts, but we also do a lot of crafting every December.

We LOVE to make our own ornaments!

DIY Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

DIY Rustic Christmas ornaments are perfect to make with kids, because of the memory that is made.

My children can tell you the story behind every ornament on our tree.

We make homemade ornaments every year. 

It is just one of our meaningful Christmas traditions to make the holidays more special.


DIY Fabric Wrapped Oranments


Whether they are handmade ornaments or some we bought on vacation to remember a special trip, our Christmas tree is filled with memories.

When it comes to decorating my home for the Christmas season, I prefer a mix of traditional farmhouse Christmas decor as well as simple Scandinavian Christmas decor.

From white to muted colors, to wood and evergreens, I love for my house to feel the simplicity of the winter. 

This week I will be posting many different DIY rustic Christmas decorations to fill your home with the Christmas spirit.

Stay tuned!

Homemade Rustic Christmas Ornaments

These simple rustic ornaments fit well with the farmhouse Christmas look. They are the perfect country Christmas tree decorations.

The idea of wrapping the ornaments in fabric came from the one and only Martha Stewart.

Of course, Martha Stewart’s Christmas ornaments are much different than mine, however, the template for cutting the fabric is a very useful guide.


DIY Farmhouse Ornaments


These are so simple and versatile because you can use any fabric that will match your decor.

This year we used linen duck cloth and cream burlap because we stamped our names and different Christmas words on our ornaments.

Last year, we used striped fabric.

Another great fabric to use would be buffalo plaid.

Supplies Needed

  1. Favorite fabric choice
  2. Paper Mache Balls or Styrofoam Balls
  3. Felt Tacky Glue
  4. Typewriter Alphabet Stamp Set (optional)

Last year, we used styrofoam balls, however this year I used the paper mache ornament balls and I prefer them.

They already have the hanger and it is a more firm base.

Use Martha’s template to cut the fabric and just glue the fabric on as if you are placing the peeling orange back on.

It is simple and quick.

Cutting the fabric takes the longest amount of time.

This year we personalized all of our ornaments by using typewriter stamps.

I love the look of the lowercase vintage letters on the duck cloth, it really stands out.

For more Farmhouse Christmas decor, be sure to check the easy tutorial for making mini-wreaths for kitchen cabinets

For more homemade ornaments, see the tutorial for shooting start ornaments and DIY pink gnome ornaments made from yarn. 

Handmade rustic Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

Rustic Christmas Balls

If you want to make your Christmas tree more beautiful this year, you should make these homemade rustic ornaments.

Include the kids, and fill your tree with the simplicity of rustic Christmas tree ornaments on for an old-fashioned country Christmas.

Before you go, be sure to download the FREE Christmas planning printables to stay organized during the holiday season!

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