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5 Meaningful Christmas Traditions To Make Christmas Special

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How to make Christmas special with your family to enjoy what matters most.

Celebrate with family with these meaningful Christmas traditions that are a simple way to celebrate what truly matters this holiday season.


Best Christmas Traditions For Families


Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but for some, it can also be the most stressful.

There really isn’t any reason to stress, this is a time for joy and to embrace our loved ones.

We all want to have a meaningful Christmas with our family, but many of us get lost in the “holiday hustle” and don’t get any joy during this special time.

How people celebrate Christmas can be different for each family.

But figuring out how to make Christmas special for your family is the key.

These meaningful traditions will help you in celebrating Christmas with family by making sure you slow down this Christmas and enjoy what matters most!

So ask yourself, “what makes Christmas special?”

When you realize what makes Christmas special to you, then you will know how to have a more meaningful Christmas with your family. 

Here is a list of things my family does to make Christmas special.

Ways To Make Christmas Special


Christmas traditions to make Christmas special




Slow Down At Christmas

Our family has many meaningful Christmas traditions that help us really enjoy the season.

We keep our Christmas traditions simple and stress-free, the way Christmas was meant to be.

For us, Christmas is all about family, giving, sharing, and kindness. We spend quality time together and with our extended family.

We also like to continue the gratitude and acts of kindness from November to December.

The first thing we do is SLOW-DOWN and take the full month of December to embrace the spirit of Christmas.

We are intentional with our family traditions.

We have things that we do every year, and sometimes we try new things. Time is valuable, so spend it wisely.

Remember, this is YOUR family, and YOU can decide on what traditions you start and keep.

Use these FREE Christmas Planning Printables to help you plan out your family’s most meaningful Christmas Traditions.

Popular Christmas Traditions

One of the most popular Christmas traditions for our family is making handmade ornaments.

Every year, we make different Christmas crafts and ornaments that mean so much more than store-bought ornaments.

We spend fun quality time together and my children can tell you the story behind every ornament they have made.

This makes this such a meaningful Christmas tradition.

We also make our own Christmas decorations.

This year we dried oranges in the oven to make heavenly scented potpourri and for simple mini-wreaths to hang on the kitchen cabinets.

Here are some of the homemade ornaments we have made:

Shooting Star Ornaments

Pink Gnome Ornaments

Rustic Personalized Ornaments

Christmas Countdown

We always make a DIY Advent Calendar to count down the days until Christmas.

We also dedicate an entire day to baking Christmas goodies.

My kids have so much fun taking over the kitchen, using cookie cutters, and sampling every first batch.

Then just like my children’s all-time favorite book, “You Can Do It, Sam,” we deliver batches of goodies to our close friends and neighbors. 

Remember, generations before us would make gifts and homemade treats instead of buying expensive gifts.

Remembering that happiness is homemade is a special way to celebrate Christmas.

Simmer some homemade Christmas potpourri on the stovetop to keep your home smelling Christmassy all month along. 

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Celebrate Christmas With Family

Another way to have a more meaningful Christmas time with family is to remember that presence is the best present you can give your loved ones.

Quality with family is the best way to celebrate Christmas!

As Moms, we are always multi-tasking. We have so much going on all the time.

I used to delight in how well I could multi-task until I realized that I was never fully present.

We are so distracted in this world from our phones to our never-ending to-do list.

This Christmas remember that whatever you do and wherever you are, BE ALL THERE. BE PRESENT.

Tell stories, share memories, and play games.


Your loved ones will appreciate having you there.

Your kids will remember it and so will you.

Precious memories are the only things that can never be taken from us.

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How to Have a More Meaningful Christmas


Ways To Reduce Holiday Stress

Part of the reason the holidays can cause so much stress is because of the rush and the absurd amount of money that is spent.

We have all been there, realizing we have spent too much money on toys that our kids really don’t need.


Spend less money and put in more thought of what gifts your family will value.

Try the 4-gift rule

Also, be more intentional about what you are giving your children.

For more intentional gift-giving ideas check out Best Educational Gifts for Kids and Swapping Gifts for Experiences. Remember to not spend what you do not have.

Another Christmas experience that can suck the joy right out of you, is Christmas shopping.

I used to love going Christmas shopping and seeing all the Christmas displays. Now every place is so crowded!

It is hard to find parking, long waits in long lines, many people are rude and the shelves are picked through. It is not fun!

So I do most of my shopping online. I use Amazon Prime because of the free 2-day shipping.

Almost ANYTHING can be bought on Amazon. Click here to Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial.

It’s hard to beat shopping in your pajamas, and the selection is better because of EVERYTHING at your fingertips. You can read the reviews and do price comparisons instantly, giving you the best deals.

Now, if you have a really tight budget this Christmas, then be sure to read How To Have A Magical Christmas With No Money.

Meaning Of Christmas With Family – Meaningful Christmas Traditions

Focusing our time and attention on fewer but more meaningful traditions brings more joy than spreading ourselves thin trying to do it all. Think back to the Christmas traditions you enjoyed as a child.

What made Christmas magical for you? That’s what you should be doing this year.

Make meaningful memories with your family. BE PRESENT. BE INTENTIONAL.

When you look back at this Christmas, what will you want to remember?

The answer to keeping things memorable is connecting the entire family. Letting love and laughter fill your home. Family traditions are important for building strong family ties.

Let this Christmas be a time to show empathy towards others and gratitude for what we already have.


Do you know of more ways to make Christmas special?

Let me know in the comments!

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Jimmy Clare

Monday 21st of December 2020

When I was younger I was always the first one down stairs to look at all the presents under the tree. then I woke everyone else up


Monday 21st of December 2020

An important post, especially with everything going on right now!


Sunday 20th of December 2020

I love the idea of putting your cellphone down and being present. Something I need to work on! Thanks for sharing!

Karine Gareau

Wednesday 9th of December 2020

I love your article. Homemade gifts make the best ones and the ones we memorize the most. With the pandemic, it brings that little spark of joy in our hearts!

Michelle Latinovich

Tuesday 24th of November 2020

LOVE this! We definitely need to put down our phones (& I am guilty of this as well) and BE IN THE MOMENT as you said! You have some wonderful Christmas traditions. I am planning on re-introducing caroling in our neighborhood too....a long lost art! Thanks for the great ideas!