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30 Days Of Gratitude Challenge To Develop An Attitude Of Gratitude

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30 Days Of Gratitude Challenge! 

Can gratitude change your life?

Yes, it can. The benefits of gratitude can change your whole way of thinking.

Living in gratitude will not only change you, but everyone around you will reap the benefits.

There are so many reasons to be grateful. From keeping a gratitude journal to reading gratitude quotes, you really CAN change your mindset.

Continue reading to find out about how to practice gratitude for a happier life.


How to have an attitude of gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude

Many of us have heard the phrase, “Thankful, Grateful, and Blessed” but how many of us are truly grateful and thankful?

How many of us truly see our blessings and express our gratitude?

Most of us never consider our blessings, instead, we worry and shift our focus on our problems. That alone will cause nothing but anxiety and unhappiness.

When we are anxious and filled with negative energy, everyone around us will feel it. It’s not good for our well-being or our loved ones.

This can all change with our way of thinking. It’s time to cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

When I was younger, I was always a pretty positive person. I loved doing things for others. It made me happy to see other people happy.

I love giving people genuine compliments, and if I don’t mean it I won’t say it. I am still like that, but a couple of years ago, I developed an autoimmune disease and my focus shifted.

I wasn’t positive or happy. I didn’t feel well, so, therefore, my mental state and mood were gloomy.

I almost got lost in that fog. It took a while to get my health back to at least where I felt “OK”, and then I started working on getting myself back.

I had become a little bitter and cynical. That’s just not me. I had to reevaluate my life and make some adjustments.

How Do You Practice Gratitude

It is really hard to stay a positive person in a world full of negative energy. With so many people holding grudges, being spiteful, or just down-right fake, how can you stay positive?


Yes, that sounds cliché, but DO YOU count your blessings?

Maybe you count the big ones, but you should have gratitude for all the little things that have brought you the big things.

“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” — Willie Nelson

Having gratitude for everything will shift your entire focus. Positive energy can be contagious.

When you are truly grateful and thank people in your life for the things that they do, you send good vibes out into the world.

Just think what could happen if WE ALL DID THAT.

Why Gratitude is Important

Gratitude not only shifts our mental focus when we have gratitude, but we also sleep better, eat better, and we are generally more healthy.

Once we ponder the way we think, feel, and live our life, we can start living more INTENTIONALLY.

Living in the present, and not just counting our blessings but FEELING them every day.

Inhale Love, Exhale Gratitude.

Since I started living more intentionally and truly counting my blessings, my life has changed for the better.

As I said, positivity can be contagious. When you are positive, all those around you can feel your vibe.

If you aren’t naturally positive or maybe you have just been in a low place, it’s hard to know where to even start turning that all around.

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, you have to start simple. Aim small, miss small.

Here is a FREE eBook 5 Day Guide To Living A More Intentional Life.

Gratitude Journal Benefits

The most simple way to start being more grateful is to start a journal. I find the easiest time to journal is at night.

When the world is quiet and you are alone with your thoughts. Each night write about something you are grateful for.

When we start focusing on what is going right in our lives, then it shifts our whole way of thinking.

Most of us go to bed thinking of all the things we need to do the next day, or sometimes even replaying a conversation from 5 years before, thinking of a better thing to say.

What if we go to bed grateful?

It can’t lead to anything but GOOD. A GOOD night’s rest, and a GOOD attitude upon waking.

These are some excellent journals that give prompts to help you write your gratitude so you can unlock your blessings.

If you don’t have a lot of time I also recommend The Five Minute Journal: A Happier You in 5 Minutes a Day. It has excellent prompts that are quick and to the point, but also thought-provoking.

These journals are all great, especially to start out with. I personally use this rustic beauty because I like a blank slate to write all my thoughts, sketches, and doodles to go along with whatever is on my mind.

Get a journal!

Or even just a notebook.

Putting your gratitude in writing is such a great way to FEEL your blessings.

Journaling evokes mindfulness, which will connect you to a more present and happier self. Keeping a gratitude journal will expand your sense of well-being by shifting your mind to focus on the GOOD.

Gratitude Journal Prompts

  • What are you most grateful for?
  • Write down your favorite emotion and when was the last time you felt it?
  • What are the 10 things you are grateful for?
  • What is your proudest accomplishment?
  • Think about what is the hardest thing you ever experienced? How did it shape you?
  • Name 5 things you enjoy doing?
  • What do you love most about yourself?
  • What was the last nice thing you did for someone without asking for something in return?
  • Write down what makes you comfortable?

These journal prompts should help you get started. Remember, having a gratitude journal is an amazing tool that can transform your life for the better.

A recent study by the University of California San Diego School of Medicine proved that keeping a gratitude journal can be very beneficial to your heart health.

Of course, keeping a gratitude journal will help you stay more mindful of your gratitude, but you need to express your gratitude to others as well.

30 Days Of Gratitude Challenge

For this purpose, I have made a 30 Day Plan to Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude. Think of it as a Gratitude Challenge!

1. Start a gratitude journal.

2. Write a letter or send a card.

3. Take a social media break.

4. Take a walk with your phone turned off.

5. Watch a funny movie with your loved ones.

6. Call your Mom and thank her.

7. Reminisce with an old friend.

8. Get fresh flowers to put on your nightstand.

9. Give genuine compliments freely.

10. Bake a cake for someone.

11. Tell a funny childhood memory to your kids.

12. Donate a winter coat to a shelter.

13. Pay it forward in a drive-thru line.

14. Have a day with no complaining.

15. Take a day for yourself.

16. Embrace the sights and sounds of nature.

17. Add some house plants to your home.

18. Light some fall-scented candles.

19. Sit outside and watch the sunset or sunrise.

20. Write down 5 of your strengths.

21. Donate food to a food pantry.

22. See the world thru a child’s eyes.

23. Donate a bag of pet food to a shelter.

24. Offer to babysit a friend’s kids.

25. Make a craft and give it away.

26. Take your family out for just dessert.

27. Invite a neighbor over for dinner.

28. Reread one of your favorite books.

29. Go someplace new.

30. Count your Blessings.


30 Days Of Gratitude Challenge Printable

30 Day Gratitude Challenge

Click image to get your FREE Gratitude Challenge Printable

Gratitude Challenge To Change Your Mindset

Whether or not the practice of gratitude comes to you naturally, paying attention to life’s positive attributes will help you be more grateful.

Acknowledging your blessings–in writing, with words, or by how you live–will help you have an attitude of gratitude that will last a lifetime.

Remember, the struggle ends when gratitude begins.

What are you GRATEFUL for? Please tell me in the comments!

Don’t forget to sign up to grab your FREE gratitude challenge calendar from the Resource Library.

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Angela Fry

Monday 2nd of November 2020

I love this post. I totally agree that gratitude is so important.


Monday 2nd of November 2020

I LOVED this post! Thanks for all the great tips about the importance of gratitude and how to incorporate it more into your life. I really love the phrase “inhale love, exhale gratitude.” Thanks for putting this post together. Very helpful! :)

Carrie Pankratz

Monday 19th of October 2020

I just started writing down things I am grateful for every night in my planner. It is amazing what that mindset change will do. I love the gratitude challenge. This will be fun to do as a family. Thanks for the post.


Monday 19th of October 2020

I loved this post! So many great ideas to implement in my daily routine.

LaRena Fry

Tuesday 6th of October 2020

What great positive ideas. Something the world needs a lot more of. Thanks for sharing.