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5 Benefits of Plants: Green Is The New Black

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Aesthetic plants are the new decor trend that reaps major benefits.

Interior Designers all agree that houseplants are the style trend that is here to stay. 

So let’s go over the 5 benefits of plants and why you will want to use them for decor.


5 benefits of plants


Green Is The New Black

Houseplants are making a big comeback and for a very good reason.

Not only are indoor plants aesthetic, but they bring HEALTH into our home by doing nothing but sitting there.

Okay, well that isn’t exactly true because they do a whole lot more than what we see and I’ll eventually get to that.

While the health benefits are a huge plus, they also make our home BEAUTIFUL.

They give our humble abode a personal style, that is inviting and comforting.

I’ll be the first to admit that in my earlier years, I did not have a green thumb. To the extent of it, my thumb was probably purple which is as far away from green as it gets.

I’ve had my fair share of green roommates not survive the drought I bestowed on them. I am not very proud of my past greenery failures.

In fact, there was probably a whole decade of my life when a plant did not live inside my home.

Everything has changed now.

I love plants!

They bring such a warmness to my home.

I love the idea that they are cleaning my house, for FREE.

So let’s dive into 5 benefits of plants.

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5 Benefits of Plants

5 benefits of plants

1. Eliminate Indoor Toxins.

They do almost the exact opposite of us, they release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide.

They are the perfect natural air freshener.

Our homes are full of toxins from the flooring to the paint on the walls.

We need indoor plants to improve our indoor air quality.

They actually reduce dust! This is not only good for our lungs but helping out with the chores is always a bonus.

2. Improve Our Mood.

There are numerous studies concluding that plants improve our overall well-being.

Some studies showed when plants are placed in higher stress environments such as where we work or in a hospital setting, they help people feel happier and more in touch with nature.

They help promote feelings of tranquility and relaxation. I mean come on, has anyone ever felt stressed while touring the botanical gardens.

3. Increase Our Mental Clarity.

Plants give us a sense of calmness whether we realize it or not.

When we are calm, we are able to concentrate more and be more creative.

We know drinking green smoothies boost brainpower, but so can having an aesthetic succulent on your desk.

Depending on what plant you choose, some can give off calming aromas providing an energy boost and improving memory.

We all know that smell can recall a memory.

So try to have a favorite plant at your workspace to help keep your mind sharp.

4. Boost Our Immunity.

Not only do plants act as air purifiers, but they also are natural humidifiers.

Having increased humidity in your home during the winter months is a great advantage as it decreases the spread of germs.

Also, keeping plants in your bedroom will increase the oxygen in the room to provide you with better sleep, thus keeping your health optimal against viruses.

5. Endless Décor Ideas

From filling awkward spaces to having a vast array of gorgeous planters, house plants have endless possibilities to decorate your home.

Adding a little “green” in any room will bring it to life.

From a terrarium transformation to floral flower power, plants just have a way of making any space feel bright and lively.

That settles it, green is definitely the new black because there are so many benefits of plants!

These gorgeous living organisms enhance our quality of life by improving our bodies and our home.

Do your research to see what plants would best suit your personality and needs.

My favorite indoor plants would have to be succulents, the Snake Plant, and Aloe Vera.

Not only are they all aesthetically pleasing, but they are very hardy and therefore very forgiving 🙂

Just find some aesthetic way to display your plants and they will double as decor.



benefits of plants


My friend Erin at DIYNuts made gorgeous DIY marbled gold pots perfect to hold any plant you decide to grow.

You should check them out.  

What are your favorite house plants?

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Sunday 11th of August 2019

We always had plants in my home growing up. Since bringing in some house plants into my home I have felt better. Plants really clean out the air.

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P. Conley

Friday 3rd of August 2018

Great ideas that I never really considered! Good info, I may have to check out some green to add to my home again . I use to have them years ago, maybe it’s time to have them again!