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10 Organization Hacks To Clear The Clutter

Genius home organization hacks to finally declutter your home for good! Even with the best intentions to clear the clutter sometimes we just need a little help!


DIY Organization Hacks

It is easy to get inspired by searching Pinterest for organization tips but it’s hard to put those “pins” to use. We pin them to our “Home Organization” board and forget about them. 

Our lives are busy, and it’s easy to get inspired but it’s much harder to actually do the work.

DIY Organizing Hacks

Trust me, with 3 kids and a husband that likes to hold on to things because “we might need them someday” there are days I still struggle with clutter. 

Several years ago, I made a huge change in the way I saw my home and all the clutter that surrounded me. It was the first step I took to finally get my home in order.

You can read more about the ONE strategy that I used to FINALLY clear the clutter here

From there, I went on and cleaned out some of the most cluttered rooms like the kitchen, closets, and bedrooms. 

I cleaned and organized my bedroom really fast in just ONE day. Trust me, it was one of the worst rooms because it was the catch-all from all the other rooms. 

It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, and I made a checklist of how to get it done fast. 

Professional Organizing Tip: Give Everything A Home

Now, decluttering your home is one thing, but organizing your home is something else. 

One of the reasons that our homes become so cluttered is because we don’t designate a “home” for the things we have. 

That’s right, everything you decide to keep after decluttering needs a home. If something doesn’t have a home then either make one or get rid of it. 

Clutter is caused by a failure to return things to where they belong. Therefore, storage should reduce the effort needed to put things away, not the effort needed to get them out. – Marie Kondo

If you need more decluttering inspiration, you should read Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.

Genius Home Organization Hacks To Clear The Clutter


If you want your home to stay organized then you must have storage solutions. When everything in your home has a place then it will help keep your home tidy and organized.

1. Organize Under The Sink

Most of us have a lot of cleaning supplies under our kitchen and bathroom sinks. It is easy for that small area to become crowded with a lot of half-filled cleaning bottles and used sponges.

Clean it out and then organize it with one of these shelving units.

Don’t forget to utilize the cabinet door space.  


2. Use Under The Bed Storage

A little organization hack that I use in every bedroom is under the bed storage. From storing winter clothes, keepsakes, dress shoes, or my children’s stuffed animals, it is the perfect storage solution.

Remember the trick to clean out the clutter and organize our homes is EVERYTHING must have a home. So we need to be creative with our storage solutions. 


3. Use Baskets

Baskets are an organizer’s best friend. Having baskets around your home looks trendy while clearing the clutter! 


I keep baskets in every room. We have a large and medium one in our family room and small to medium ones in all the other rooms in the house. 

My kids even have baskets with their names on it and at the end of the day, their things that are scattered around the house get tossed in and they are in charge of putting their stuff away. 



4. Clear the Clutter On The Kitchen Counters

A professional organization tip for a clean kitchen is to ALWAYS keep your counters clear of clutter. When there is nothing on your counters, it instantly makes your kitchen look cleaner. 

So try to store all those appliances you don’t use in the pantry or a cabinet.

I keep one appliance on my counter: a coffee pot. That’s it!

Seriously, I even keep my can opener in my pantry. There is really no need to keep mini appliances on counters if you can help it.

Think about it, unless you really love baking, you probably barely use that KitchenAid Stand Mixer displayed in the corner of your counter. 

So find everything a “home” and clear the clutter. 

Here is a post on some great ways to keep your kitchen clean and organized. 

One thing that my husband and I are both guilty of is putting the mail on the counter when we come home. To fix that,  I have now made it a habit of throwing away junk mail IMMEDIATELY. 

Then I found a storage solution for the mail I want to keep. 


5. Kitchen Cabinet and Pantry Organization Hacks

Our cabinets and pantries can definitely be a cluttered mess.

Many of us have tons of Tupperware (with missing lids) and plenty of pots and pans we don’t even use anymore.

Go through what you have, and if you don’t use it, toss it!

Then find some storage solutions for what you do have and get it all organized. 


6. Organization Hacks For The Laundry Room

Let’s face it, none of us like doing laundry but it must be done.

Having your laundry room organized and all of your laundry already sorted will really help with the hassle of doing laundry.



Here are some other things that I use to keep everything neat and tidy in my laundry room. 


Home Organization Hacks

7. Organization Hacks For The Entryway

One of the rooms we use the most is the entryway. It is where we take off our shoes and coats when we come home.

It is also the first place people see when they come into my house, so keeping it organized is a priority. 

Shoe storage in our entryway is very important. I have 3 kids, so it keeps their shoes organized and they ALWAYS know where to find them.

The best part about storing the shoes by the door is it keeps the dirt from being tracked all in the house!

I have a shoe storage bin from Ikea that I love! However, I know that not everyone has a local Ikea store.

So here is one very similar to mine and some other very trendy ways to store shoes. 



8. Have A Command Center

Having a command center for our large family has organized our life. With all the appointments and extracurricular activities, it really helps us keep track of what is going on. 


9. Use Over The Door Storage

Many people don’t realize the storage potential of over-the-door storage.

I have some type of over-the-door storage in the laundry room, bedroom closets, coat closets, and bathroom closets. 

They are tucked away and out of sight, but they have so much storage space to utilize.



 10. Declutter and Organize Your Closet

Most of us have overloaded closets filled with clothes we no longer wear.

Last year, I did a huge purge of my closet.

Guess what, I went from never having anything to wear, to a closet with clothes I actually DO wear. 

You can read my tips on how to declutter your closet and downsize your wardrobe here. Not only will you find great tips to declutter the closet, but some mindful insights about not letting it get that cluttered in the first place.

For instance, stopping the habit of buying things on the clearance rack, that we end up NEVER wearing. 

If you have already downsized your wardrobe then you are ready to organize it. Here are some awesome storage solutions for the closet. 


Home Organization Hacks To Get Rid Of Clutter For Good

So now that you have decluttered, use these organizational hacks to help give everything a home.

Be sure to read the list of 99 things you can throw away to instantly declutter your home. 

If you still need help clearing out the clutter then take the 30-Day Decluttering Challenge and don’t forget to grab your FREE Clutter Free Home printable. 

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Delia Garcia

Monday 21st of February 2022

Thanks for the tips

Jaime Ragsdale

Tuesday 20th of October 2020

I agree, so much of our clutter is because we don't have a legit home for things - because of procrastinated decisions. I love the beautiful Amazon products you linked to also. Great post! <3 Jaime


Thursday 30th of July 2020

Really great organization hacks!


Wednesday 15th of April 2020

Thanks for reinforcing what I already know to help make me finally handle our clutter! My mom was a pretty major packrat, so I get it honestly, but my husband’s mom was a neat freak. I have had to learn when enough is enough and tame an area, so that it brings peace to my home and gives me more peace of mind. Thanks, again!


Wednesday 15th of April 2020

Really great read! I have been trying to focus on minimizing clutter in our home since we have had so much more free time as of late. Thanks for the motivation!

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