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30 Day Declutter Challenge For A Clutter Free Home

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Take the 30 Day Declutter Challenge For A Clutter-Free Home!

In just 30 days this Decluttering Challenge will help you create a home you love!


Decluttering Challenge

How Can I Declutter My House In 30 Days?

Following this step-by-step challenge, you can painlessly declutter your house in 30 days. 

When your home is filled with clutter, it’s hard to know where to start. Trust me, I’ve been there.

This decluttering challenge makes it much easier by giving you a new area to tackle every day for 30 days. 

Some days you may only spend 5 minutes tackling this decluttering challenge, other days you may spend an hour or more.

It really all depends on the size of your home and how much clutter you have. 

Reasons you need to take The Decluttering Challenge:

  • Less mess means less stress.
  • Create a home you love.
  • Have a home that is always guest-ready.
  • Have a healthier, cleaner home.

How To Organize Your Home In 30 Days?

Everything in your home should be something you use, need, or love. I

f something doesn’t fall into these categories, it’s time to let it go. 

Your home should reflect who you are and what you love.

It should be a place of comfort and happiness.

You are giving yourself peace of mind when you tackle the clutter that is just making your home messy.

When you have less stuff, your home is less likely to get out of control again.

If you need storage solutions, check out these 10 Hacks To Clear The Clutter.

So are you ready to take the 30 Day Declutter Challenge? 

30 Day Declutter Challenge 2023

First, set up a storage bin to hold things to sell, a box to hold things to donate, and trash bags for all that stuff you will throw away.

You will use these things daily as you tackle the clutter, so have them ready. 

Now it’s time to minimize clutter and simplify your life!

Declutter Challenge: Kitchen

Day 1: Refrigerator

Take everything out and put it in a cooler. Discard all expired food. Wipe clean the shelves and drawers before putting the food back in.

Day 2: Freezer

Just like you did the day before with the refrigerator. Remove everything and place it in a cooler.

Toss anything more than 6 months old. Wipe out the freezer before replacing the food. 

 Day 3: Pantry

Take everything out and place it on the kitchen table. Check expiration dates as you go. If you are unsure, toss it.

Wipe down all the pantry shelves before putting the food back. Organize the food as you place it back onto the shelves.

Day 4: All Kitchen Drawers

Today is the day you will go through every drawer in your kitchen.

Yes, that includes the JUNK drawer!

Discard anything that you no longer use or haven’t used in over a year.

Now is the time to go through all of those extra utensils, if you don’t use them, get rid of them. 

Day 5: All Top Cabinets

Now, if you have a large kitchen, then just tackling the top cabinets will make things easier.

Start with one cabinet at a time and remove everything.

Get rid of anything broken or chipped.

Remember you don’t need 50 food storage lids.

In fact, go ahead and match all food storage containers with lids, if you have any leftover with a missing piece toss it.

Wipe out the cabinets before you put everything back. 

Day 6: All Bottom Cabinets

Do exactly as you did the day before, this time with the bottom cabinets.

If you have a lot of pots and pans, now is the time to get rid of what you don’t ever use.

If you have scratched frying pans, toss those because they aren’t healthy for you.

Day 7: Kitchen Counters

One tip that makes your kitchen look instantly clean, is having nothing on the counters. Only store what you use daily on your counters.

For me, that is just a coffeepot.

That’s right, the KitchenAid mixer, the toaster, and even the can opener stay stored in my pantry until I need to use them. 

So today, you need to completely clean off your kitchen counters. Wipe them clean.

Then decide what you can store away. Only put back what you use daily. 

Remember to have a place for your mail, so it doesn’t pile up on the counters. 

Decluttering Challenge: Bedrooms

Day 8: Dresser Drawers

Lay a sheet on the floor. Take all the clothes out of the drawers and place them on the sheet.

Make sure you have your sell bin, donation box, and trash bags with you.

If it doesn’t fit but is in good condition, then donate it.

If it has rips or stains, toss it. Go through all the clothing drawers in your home. 

Day 9: Nightstands

This should be a simple day. Clean out the nightstands in every room. 

Day 10: Master Closet

This may seem overwhelming because we tend to hold on to clothing for sentimental reasons.

Maybe it’s an outfit we wore to something special or an outfit that doesn’t fit but we hope to fit into it again.

Check out this post on the best ways to declutter and organize your closet.

Trust me when I say that downsizing your wardrobe to your favorite clothing items will actually help you have things to wear. 

Day 11: All Other Closets

This is the day to tackle kid’s closets and guest room closets.

Use the same guide that you used the day before.

Don’t forget your bin, box, and trash bags. You will need them.

Day 12: Under Beds

If you do not utilize under the bed storage, then you need to. This is a great space to store out of season clothing items. 

Another great thing about having under the bed storage is it leaves no room for junk to accumulate. 

Day 13: Master Bedroom

Now, if you are anything like me, your bedroom may be the catch-all room.

If it is, you may think it will take forever to declutter. 

Good news, I have outlined exactly how to declutter it fast! Read more about how to purge your bedroom quickly. 

Declutter Challenge

Click the image to grab your FREE Bedroom Declutter Checklist from the Resource Library.

Day 14: Kids’ Rooms

Before you even tackle decluttering your children’s bedrooms, please give them a donation box and one trash bag.

Explain to them to add things they no longer have an interest in into the donation bin and anything that is broken or trash into the trash bag.

Tell them to fill each up with things they no longer want. 

By the time you get around to their rooms, they should have stuff they are willing to part with in the donation box and trash bag.

You should definitely take a peek in the box and trash bag because I found a small photo album full of pictures in my youngest child’s donation bin. 

Day 15: Catch Up Day

Shew! You are halfway finished with this decluttering challenge. By now, your house should have less stuff and look tidier. 

Some of the tasks like tackling the bedrooms, may need more than one day, so this is a good day to catch up on any task that isn’t finished. 

30 Day Purge Challenge: Bathrooms

Day 16: Bathroom Cabinets and Drawers

Clean out all the cabinets and drawers in the bathrooms.

 Remember, if you haven’t used it in over 6 months, there is a good chance you don’t need it. 

Day 17: Toiletries and Makeup

Definitely throw away anything expired. Other than that, toss anything that is more than a year old, or that you just don’t like. 

Day 18: Medicine Cabinet

Do the same as you did the day before. Go through all the expiration dates of all your medications and supplements. 

Day 19: Linen Closet

Take everything out of the closet and wipe off the shelves. If you have old ragged towels, sheets, or blankets go ahead and get rid of them. 

Day 20: Laundry Room

Clean up all around the washer and dryer. Sort the laundry in the baskets.

Go ahead and get rid of all those mismatched socks that have been waiting in the laundry room for over a year waiting for their mate. 

Recycle any empty detergent bottles. 

Download this free laundry chart to help with your laundry. 

Declutter Challenge: Life

Day 21: Remove Unused Apps

We all have unused apps on our phones, tablets, and computers. Today go through and delete anything you do not use. 

There is one app that I recommend to everyone trying to get organized. It’s called Cozi and the best part is it’s FREE!

I can keep all appointments, schedules, and grocery lists completely organized.

Cozi keeps my whole family organized because my husband can also add things to our list from his phone. 

Day 22: Back-Up All Photos

Today back up all photos from your phone, tablet, and computer.

Years ago, I would back up all of my pictures to my computer from my phone. Then my computer crashed while updating.

I lost everything!

Hard lesson learned!

So I now back up all my photos to Google Photos. It’s free up to a certain amount of storage, then it’s still very affordable. 

Day 23: Paper Clutter

Today is the day to go through all of your paper clutter. Sort through all mail, loose papers, and important documents. 

Have that shredder handy!

If you can, go paperless! Take this day to call creditors and utility providers to switch to paperless billing.

Day 24: Inbox

It’s time to clean out your inbox.

Delete all old and unimportant emails. Then unsubscribe from every mailing list that does not serve you. 

Day 25: Wallet/Handbag

Today is the day you need to clean out all the receipts and junk that have accumulated in your wallet and purse. 

Remove everything from your purse by dumping it out and sorting through everything.  

If it is a receipt you know you will not return or if it is a grocery receipt go ahead and throw it away. 

Only add things back that you absolutely need to carry around. 

Day 26: Cancel Unused Subscriptions

This should be an easy day. Check your bank statements for reoccurring memberships and subscriptions you do not use. 

Make a list of them as you go, and then cancel them all. 

Now think about doing a digital declutter next!

Decluttering Challenge: Other Areas

Day 27: Car

When you have kids, it seems your car becomes another place for storage, especially for extracurricular stuff. 

My trunk has baseballs, bats, a soccer ball, and poms. Does that sound like yours?

Well, today is the day to declutter your car. Take everything out that doesn’t belong.

Have your family help out.

Day 28: Patio/Porch

Take some time to clean up your porch and patio area. 

You want your front door area to be clean and decluttered to welcome guests.

Remember, it’s the first thing they see when you come to your home. 

Day 29: Other Rooms

Use this day in the challenge to tackle any rooms you have left. This could be a home office, craft room, or guest room. 

Remember to get everything out that doesn’t belong. 

Day 30: Decor

Today is the last day of the decluttering challenge. Your home should be looking pretty good! 

Today you need to go through your decor.

So go through your bookshelves, decor pillows, and any decor you really don’t love.

Maybe you have something that someone gave you that you never liked and never could tie it into the rest of your home decor.

It’s time to get rid of it.

Donate it to Goodwill, sell it on Facebook Marketplace, and give it a new home. 

30 Day Declutter Challenge Printable Schedule Calendar

Now you know exactly what to do for this 30-Day Decluttering Challenge. 

Decluttering Challenge Printable

Click the image to grab your FREE Decluttering Challenge Printable PDF.

Grab your FREE 30 Day Decluttering Challenge printable PDF to keep you on track for the next 30 days.

You can find it in the Resource Library and many other decluttering printables.  

Sign up, and the link and password to the Resource Library will be emailed to you shortly.

Declutter House in 30 days – Keep A Clutter Free Home

Now that you have worked so hard at decluttering your whole house, you must keep it that way. 

Stopping the clutter before it accumulates in the first place is the solution.

By now you should be a confident declutterer who knows that if you don’t use it, need it, or love it you can let it go!

So do yourself a favor and take the Decluttering Challenge to create a home you love!

Now it’s time to take the Digital Declutter Challenge!

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Thursday 4th of February 2021

Wow, this is very comprehensive. There is only 3 of us but somehow things tend to congregate on the kitchen table and the end of the island. This is something I need to keep me on track. I can see how it would be less daunting using a checklist. Thanks!!


Monday 11th of January 2021

One of my resolutions for 2021 is to declutter and stick to a consistent cleaning schedule, so I'm going to try this challenge. So far this month, I've deep cleaned my kid's room and the kitchen, and I even got a carpet cleaning. Working on decluttering my children's toys is going to be one of the hardest tasks for me, but I'm definitely going to be enlisting my kid's help with that!


Wednesday 6th of January 2021

This is something I really want to work on in 2021 - decluttering! This post is so detailed, thanks for all the tips!


Wednesday 6th of January 2021

This is amazing!!!! Most of these things would take more than one day for me though, lol!


Saturday 14th of November 2020

Awesome tips! I love how you outlined a realistic schedule and broke down the tasks. This home girl needs to get on it haha