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10 DIY Recipes For Disinfecting Sprays, Wipes, & Hand Sanitizers

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10 Best DIY disinfecting sprays, wipes and sanitizers that are alcohol-based to kill viruses and leave your home germ free!


DIY Disinfectant Sanitizers

As you may know if you keep up with me, I love making my own homemade non-toxic cleaning products

DIY chemical-free disinfectants are safer for us and help us live a more frugal lifestyle because they can help us save so much money.

Not only that but when you make homemade products you are helping the environment cut down on unneeded waste. 

What Can You Use As A Natural Disinfectant?

There are several ingredients that can be used as a natural disinfectant.

Many essential oils are considered anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal.

Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide are two great disinfectants as well.

But the #1 disinfectant ingredient is highly-concentrated rubbing alcohol.

How Do You Make Natural Antibacterial  Cleaner?

Now in many of my cleaning recipes, I use essential oils because they claim to be anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

There are many studies proving the power of essential oils, but essential oils are NOT regulated by the FDA.  

Every time someone in my family is sick, I diffuse DEFENDER. It has helped cut down the spread of illness to the whole house. 

You can read more about our cold and virus home remedies and preventative measures here

DIY Disinfectants That Kill Viruses

Now if you are looking for a DIY disinfectant for the COVID-19 outbreak, the CDC recommends ONLY using items that contain at least 60% isopropyl alcohol. 

Also, even though essential oils claim to be anti-viral and anti-bacterial, the CDC is still only recommending sanitizers with a high percentage of alcohol. 

If you want a DIY Disinfectant to combat the corona virus, then you must USE 60% or higher of rubbing alcohol. 

The following DIY sanitizing recipes are ALL alcohol-based. 

Some recipes may call for vodka which is alcohol but be sure to substitute 60% or higher isopropyl alcohol. 

10 DIY Alcohol-Based Disinfecting Sprays, Wipes & Sanitizers

When disinfectants are sold out everywhere, you can make your own homemade alcohol-based sanitizing sprays, wipes and hand gels.

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