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Cheap Fall Decor DIY Farmhouse Pumpkins- Dollar Tree Hack

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DIY Painted Dollar Store Pumpkins with Realistic Stems that look just like the expensive pumpkins you have seen at PotteryBarn.

A perfect DIY Dollar Tree Hack to add to your Fall Decor.

These DIY Pumpkins are so easy and beautiful.


Painting pumpkins realistic stems

DIY Dollar Tree Pumpkins Fall Decor

It’s (almost) fall y’all! That means pumpkin spice and everything nice-ly decorated. I love decorating my house for the fall season.

Whether it is to celebrate fall, Halloween, or Thanksgiving, you just can’t decorate properly without pumpkins.

This year I came up with some creative pumpkin decorating ideas by taking Dollar Tree pumpkins and turning them into DIY farmhouse pumpkins.

Painting pumpkins is such an easy inexpensive fall décor idea.

Painting Dollar Tree Pumpkins

Every year in October, we go to the local fall festival.

We shoot tomatoes out of cannons, the kids dive around in a pit of dried corn-feed, but the best part is taking a hayride to the pumpkin patch.

My children try to pick the biggest pumpkins they can find!

I, on the other hand, like to pick out all the mini-white pumpkins and the multi-colored gourds.

This past year, I fell in love with heirloom blue pumpkins.

They are so beautiful! They are my absolute favorite.

I had never seen one in person before and when I did, that was it! That soft hue of blue is gorgeous beside orange or white pumpkins. I never really thought of blue as a fall color, but it’s on my list now.

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Dollar Tree Fall Decor DIY

Since we are still in August, I thought I could cheat a little with decorating. When I say cheat, I mean hack! I love to hack already-made products into something beautiful!

It saves money, it saves time, and it can be an original piece that you did yourself. One of my favorite places to purchase any DIY hacking material is Dollar Tree.

Everything is a dollar, so you can’t go wrong. 

I was happy to see that they just started displaying their fall décor.

Although, it consists of a lot of orange foam pumpkins. The orange is very bright and very tacky.

So I decided to paint them the beautiful hue of blue that I saw last year.

I was in luck because I already had some old paint samples that were just the perfect color, one was called “sea glass” and the other “mermaid net”.

Mixing these latex paints with some of my white chalk paint made the perfect “chalax” to adhere to the foam.

It gave the pumpkins such a realistic look, with all the different hues standing out.

Painting Dollar tree pumpkins

I painted pumpkins all afternoon. However, I couldn’t stop there because the styrofoam stems just weren’t looking that great.

So I used some sisal rope to make a realistic stem.

I just unraveled it, shaped it with mod podge, and spray painted them rose gold.  Then I attached them to the pumpkins with floral craft pins. I even added some Dollar Tree fall leaves.

I thought it was a simple project that you really just couldn’t go wrong.

The foam pumpkins can be painted ANY color that you fancy, and a dollar apiece is not too shabby!


Dollar store hack

Dollar Store Hack Fall Makeover

DIY Dollar Tree Pumpkins

What You Will Need

carvable foam pumpkins

polyfoam pumpkins

fake leaves

mod podge

sisal twisted rope

floral craft pins

rose gold spray paint

chalk paint

And whatever paint color you would like for your pumpkins to be.

Check out this short video tutorial to see how I was able to easily make these DIY Dollar Tree pumpkins. 




I love Dollar Tree hacks and cheap fall decor so this was by far one of my favorites! 

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These cheap dollar tree pumpkins pair well with this wood-beaded farmhouse pumpkin, check out the easy tutorial.

Simple Fall Decor Wood Beaded Farmhouse Pumpkin

Dollar Tree Pumpkin Craft

This is such an easy, inexpensive DIY craft that your kiddos could even help out with.

Fall is for pumpkins, whether they are orange, white, blue, purple, pink….the choice is yours.

Be creative, that is what paint is for.

Paint fake pumpkins, paint real ones or leave them completely alone to marvel at their own unique beauty.

One thing is for certain, I have never met a pumpkin I didn’t like.

What is your favorite pumpkin color?

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Sunday 12th of September 2021

Thanks for sharing your fabulous creativity! My fall decor budget is pinched this year; Dollar Tree pumpkins fit well within my budget. The paint is a little $$ for me, any suggestions on less expensive paint that might give a similar look to your beautiful pumpkins?

Myrtle Marie

Tuesday 14th of September 2021

Hi Annie! Thank you so much for your kind words!

For these pumpkins, I use chalk paint mixed with some latex paint samples I already had. What you could do is just get some colored chalk paint in any craft store for just a couple of dollars. It will not have the different hues that you get with painting the "challax" over the chalk base but it will be pretty close.

Another option is to get some paint samples at your local hardware store. There you can get a sample of chalk paint and a sample of your favorite latex paint.


Saturday 31st of October 2020

What a great idea!! Love your beautiful pumpkins. Thank you so much for sharing.


Monday 21st of September 2020

These are beautiful! I’m in love with the soft shades you used. I have chalk paint, but no latex paint. What brand of latex paint did you use? I’m thinking about going out (soon) to pick up some paint samples for this project. I’m so excited to try this!!

Keli Borish

Tuesday 8th of September 2020

Hello, I was wondering if you had to use chalk paint. I have some flat spray paint. Do you know if that would work?

Myrtle Marie

Thursday 10th of September 2020

I wouldn't use regular spray paint because it will eat the foam away. You may be able to use water-based spray paint, but I haven't tried it myself.

Susan svoboda

Sunday 30th of August 2020

Hi I just found your post. So I am curious the white you painted is that the chalk paint and you layered the blue latex on top?... can it quiet figure it out. But such a great job just want to try and replicate it as closely as possible. Thanks Susie

Myrtle Marie

Thursday 3rd of September 2020

Hi Susie, I used white chalk paint. I put a layer of chalk paint on first as the base, then I mixed some blue-hue latex paint samples with the chalk paint to make a "chalax" that sticks to the foam pumpkin perfectly :)