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*NO COST* DIY Halloween Costumes for Moms

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No Cost DIY Halloween Costumes for Moms that are super easy and cheap!

Join in the fun and dress up this Halloween in one of these Last-Minute Halloween Ideas!


Cheap DIY Halloween Costumes


Double, double toil in trouble, it’s almost that time of year again…HALLOWEEN!

Even though it’s on October 31st, we all seem to start celebrating it as soon as October gets here.

From the decorations to the candy, trick-or-treating is quite a BIG DEAL.

My kids start thinking of their costumes on November 1st.

Of course, it usually changes several times before October rolls around, but they do a lot of planning.

We have a tradition of walking the neighborhood with some very close friends.

The neighborhood puts on a show, from spooky décor to awesome props.

It sure is a night to remember.

Creative DIY Halloween Costumes For Women

To keep in the spirit of things, I always dress up with the kids.

The thing is, though, I don’t particularly appreciate spending money unnecessarily.

I am a really frugal person.

I have yet to spend money on a costume for myself.

I gathered some photos of costumes from the past five years to show you how easy it is to use what you have.

Excuse the quality of the photos and the cheesy poses. When I took these, I had no intention of sharing them with the world.

However today, I thought it would be a great idea to show other DIYers how easy it is to dress up for Halloween using what you have.

Easy No Cost DIY Halloween Costumes For Moms


The Cat


Seriously, how simple is a cat.

Use a black make-up pencil to draw some whiskers on your face and a heart on your nose.

If you have a daughter, chances are there is at least one cat-ear headband in your house.

Wear something black… Meow, you are a cat!

The Scarecrow


Like a black cat, the scarecrow symbolizes fall and Halloween.

This time, I used a brown make-up pencil to make stitches on my face and nose.

I wore my husband’s red flannel and my beach hat. 

Just like that, I was scaring all the crows.

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The Deer

DIY Halloween costume

Best DIY Halloween Costume


This was part of a couple’s costume.

I was a deer, and my husband wore his camouflage…I’m sure you get the picture.

I wore an old brown turtleneck and my daughter’s reindeer antlers from Christmas.

I used a black makeup pencil to draw a nose and long lashes around my eyes.

Boom, I was a deer…no pun intended.

Well, maybe a little 😉

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The Mummy

Best Pregnant Halloween Costume


Being a mummy was so much fun because I was 38 weeks pregnant.

It made the “Mummy” costume like a funny pun.

I cut strips from an old white sheet, and my husband had fun wrapping it all around my pregnant belly.

I used a black makeup pencil to draw big dark circles around my eyes.

After all, I do feel very qualified to be a Mum!

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And last but not least, my all-time favorite costume was…

Rosie the Riveter

Best Rosie the Riveter Halloween Costume


Of course, I had to be Rosie.

What woman doesn’t want to be Rosie?

She symbolizes the female spirit. 

Again, this was another easy costume.

I wore my favorite denim shirt and tied a red bandana in my hair.

I styled my hair in classic 1940s style, which I did have to watch a YouTube video to get the look just right.

I have to admit that I loved my hair like that because it reminded me of pictures of my Grandmother when she was young.

I completed the costume with red lipstick and my “We Can Do It” attitude.

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Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

So, there are no excuses not to dress up with your kiddos this Halloween.

Use what you already have and be creative.

Dressing up is why Halloween is considered the most fun holiday.

Your kids will love it, and you get to be something other than Mom for a night.

Have you ever DIYed your Halloween costume?

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Monday 31st of October 2022

What great costumes !!! We never bought our costumes growing up. Mom always dressed us with things around the house. We had so much fun. Once Mom dressed me as Aunt Jemima ( I was about 4.) Of course, that would be politically incorrect in today`s world. I remember once myMom (such a good sport) dressed as a scrub lady and went to the church Halloween party, carrying a bucket - so funny. Wonderful memories without spending any money.


Sunday 13th of October 2019

Oh I Love your Rosie costume...your hair looks perfect!! How Fun!

Myrtle Marie

Monday 14th of October 2019

Thank you, Miranda! I wish I could get away with wearing it like that everyday :) I love everything about the 40's era!


Monday 7th of October 2019

Absolutely love these costume ideas!! I think my favorite is the scarecrow :)

Hannah Kimmel

Monday 7th of October 2019

Thanks for these cute ideas!


Wednesday 2nd of October 2019

Love Mummy the Mummy. Might have to pinch the Rosie the Riveter idea!