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55+ Fall Letter Board Quotes (Cute & Funny Fall Sayings)

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Fall is here and it’s the perfect time to decorate your home with fun fall letter board quotes! 

Let your pumpkin spice personality shine with these autumn puns on your fall felt boards and message boards.


Fall Letter Board Quotes


Fall is my favorite season.

The best thing about fall is that it’s a season for simple pleasures.

We enjoy pumpkin patches, hot apple cider, and the crisp air outside.

It’s an enchanting season because the air smells amazing and the leaves are changing color.

Fall is just another reminder of how beautiful life can be.

Not only is it time for pumpkin spice lattes and sweater weather, but also funny fall puns!

That’s right, it’s time to decorate your home with fun fall letterboard quotes.

We use letterboards for every holiday.

They are such an easy way to decorate and showcase your personality. 

There are so many different fall sayings to choose from, but we’ve rounded up some of our favorite fall message board quotes. 

Hopefully, you will find the perfect cute fall sayings for your letter boards and message boards. 


Fall Letter Board Quotes


55+ Fall Quotes For Letter Board Or Message Board

These letter board ideas for fall have something for everyone. 

Here you will even find funny Autumn puns that make cute fall phrases for letterboards.

Letterboard Fall Quotes

1. “And all at once, summer collapsed into fall.” —Oscar Wilde

2. “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” —Albert Camus


Fall Letter Board Quotes


3. “Another fall, another turned page…” — Wallace Stegner

4. “Autumn … the year’s last, loveliest smile.” —William Cullen Bryant

5. “How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days.” — John Burrows

6. “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

7. “Every leaf speaks bliss to me”– Emily Bronte

Short Fall Quotes

8. My favorite color is October.

9. Cool hikes and pumpkin spice.

10. Hello Autumn.


Autumn Letterboard quotes hello autumn


11. Leaves are falling. Autumn is calling.

12. Be like fall and leave all your worries behind.

13. I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

14. Pumpkin spice up your life.

15. Life is beautiful seen thru the eyes of gratitude.


Life is beautiful seen thru the eyes of gratitude

Fall Letter Board Quotes Funny

16. The only thing getting lit this weekend is my pumpkin spice candle.

17. Give them pumpkin to talk about.


18. Fall, is my second favorite “F” word.  Food is my first. 

19. The cold never bothered me anyway. – Elsa

20. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall — hope you do too!

21. What is the cutest season of the year? Awwwtumn.

22. Baby, it’s lukewarm out there.


Letter board fall quotes funny

Credit: Ful Candles


23. The next two months will be spent proving that one can live solely on things made with pumpkin. 

24. It’s offically “wear a sweater in the morning & regret it by afternoon” weather.

25. If I was a spice girl I’d be pumpkin spice.

26. Eating pumpkin EVERYTHING is my self-care.



27. I was addicted to the pumpkin spice now I’m on the pumpkin patch.

28. The weather just went from 90 to 55 like it saw a state trooper.

29. I love you more than Starbucks in the fall, but please don’t make me prove it.


letter board fall quotes

Credit: Ful Candles


30. Let’s get lit! -me to my fall candles.

31. You either love pumpkin season or you’re wrong.

32. It’s the end of September someone wake up that guy from Green Day. 



33. Pumpkin spice makes me extra nice.

34. I can’t wait to pick pumpkins, drink hot cocoa, hide in a huge pile of leaves and avoid all responsibilities. You know, fall stuff! 



35. Thanks fall! My muffin top is now a pumpkin roll.

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Cute Fall Sayings For Letter Boards

36. Sweater weather is better together.

37. Beat it, Kale. It’s pumpkin’s time to shine.



38. Channel the flannel.

39. Spice, spice baby.

40. Blessed and pumpkin-obsessed.

41. Alexa, turn on fall please.

42. Apple picking and caramel dipping.



43. Almost that time of year when other girls look cute in flannel and I look like I misplaced my ax. 

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Autumn Puns

44. I should stop making apple puns now… orchard I?


fall puns for letter board


45. What did one leaf say to the other? I’m falling for you.

46. I’m acorn-y person.

47. What month does every tree dread? Sept-timmmberrr!

50. Go big or gourd home.

51. Oh autumn, please don’t ever leaf me again.


Fall letter board quotes

52. Woodness gracious.

53. You are the pumpkin to my spice.

54. …And they lived apple-y ever after!

55. Don’t stop be-leafing.


fall puns for letter board


56. What type of vehicle is used for a hayride? An Autumn-mobile.

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Fall Message Board Quotes

Hope you have enjoyed these letterboard fall quotes.

Don’t forget to grab these FREE fall printables before you go.

Plus, we have a free fall cleaning checklist you can instantly download. 

What were your favorite cute fall sayings for letter boards? Let us know in the comments.

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