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DIY Wood Beaded Farmhouse Pumpkin

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Add a touch of Scandinavian Farmhouse style to your Fall vignette with this simple DIY wood beaded pumpkin.

An easy budget-friendly fall craft that anyone can do!


DIY Wood Beaded Farmhouse Pumpkin


One of my favorite things about Fall, besides pumpkin spice, is the decor!

Every year, I try new DIY Fall Decor ideas to add a cozy feel to my home while the crisp autumn air swirls outside.

This year, I am trying to go for more minimalist fall decor to match the rest of my home, so I am staying away from Hobby Lobby.

Over the past year, I have decluttered my home and have it looking the way I always wanted it to.

So buying more stuff was not an option.

If you have kept up with me you may have noticed that I really like DIY home decor.

It feels more personal and I can customize it to my taste.

Natural Fall Decorating Ideas

My decorating style is a mix of Farmhouse and Scandinavian. I love the rustic look of vintage farmhouse decor AND I  love the simplistic look of woodland Scandinavian decor.

So I mix the two as much as I can.

The colors in my home are white and neutral with accents of wood.

With beautiful natural elements, Farmhouse Scandinavian decor creates such a simple and clean living space.

One home decor staple that goes with Farmhouse and Scandi style is wood beads.

Wood beads are a beautiful touch to your home.

Their natural color and simple rounded texture give such a shabby chic look that I just can’t get enough of!

When they are mixed with some greenery it gives a beautiful natural woodland touch.

Wooden beads have become my favorite decor item, which is why I have had my eye on this gorgeous wood beaded chandelier for a while now.


DIY Wood Beaded Farmhouse Decor

This year the only new fall decor I am adding is this simple DIY wood beaded farmhouse pumpkin.

It is a perfect match for my Scandinavian Farmhouse look!

After falling for the wooden garland and beaded chandelier, I knew my DIY fall decor must include wooden beads.

This is such a simple fall craft!

You only need three supplies: natural wooden beads, jute-covered wire, and some lambs ears.


Simple Fall Decor Wood Beaded Farmhouse Pumpkin


This simple rustic autumn craft took no time at all. It was cheap and on the plus side, it led to a little STEM activity for my 4-year-old. He loved twisting all the beads onto each jute strand.

DIY Wooden Bead Farmhouse Pumpkin

Supplies Needed:


  1. Cut the Jute into 5 pieces. I cut each piece to be 22 inches.
  2. Take 2 jute pieces and make an “X” by twisting them together in the middle. Just like this picture. Jute Wood Beaded Pumpkin
  3. Take 2 more jute pieces and make another “X” with them.
  4. Combine both “X’s” by twisting them together in the middle. Just like the picture.Twisted Jute Wood Bead Farmhouse Pumpkin
  5. Twist on your wooden beads. I used 11 beads for each strand.
  6. Twist the ends together to look like this picture. Wood Bead Farmhouse Pumpkin
  7. Then bring all ends together and twist.
  8. Use the 5th piece of jute wire to wrap around the top to make a pumpkin stem.
  9. Insert two lamb’s ear leaves and hot glue them.

Cheap Farmhouse Fall Decor


It’s such a simple fall craft that anyone can do.

It only took about 20 minutes and my little one loved sliding all of the wooden beads on.

If you like this, you should check out my DIY Fall decorations from last year that used dollar tree pumpkins.

It was such a simple fall craft by just painting cheap pumpkins with a beautiful blue hue and creating a realistic stem. 

Happy Fall Y’all!

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