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DIY Valentine Mini Wreaths For Kitchen Cabinets

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Show the love this Valentine’s Day with homemade Valentine decorations.

If you are looking for easy and cheap DIY Valentine decoration ideas, you will love this Valentine kitchen decor idea!

These simple DIY Valentine mini wreaths on your kitchen cabinets are an easy way to add a little love to your home.


DIY Valentine Decor


DIY Mini Valentine Wreaths For Kitchen Cabinets

Valentine’s day is a fun holiday that lets you go over the top with pink and red decor.

From hearts to roses, Valentine’s decorations are a welcoming sight during the dreary winter months when the winter blues tend to creep in.

Let your family think that cupid was hard at work by making your own homemade valentine’s decorations.

These mini-wreaths for your kitchen cabinets are so simple.

Don’t forget to let the kids help!

This Valentine craft is super easy and cheap.

That is my kind of craft 😉


Diy Valentine mini wreaths kitchen cabinents


Valentine Kitchen Decor

I have to admit, I cheated on this one.

If you saw my gorgeous little mini-wreaths with orange slices at Christmas time, then these may look familiar.

That is because they are the same wreath.

Always reuse what you can.

Not only is it eco-friendly but your budget will thank you.


DIY Valentine Wreath Homemade Valentine Decor

DIY Valentine Mini Wreaths

I fell in love with my mini-wreaths for the kitchen cabinets at Christmas time.

They were such an easy Dollar Tree hack!

I loved them so much that I didn’t want to take them down. 

They really brought out my white kitchen cabinets.

However, I didn’t want to be “that person” that has Christmas decor up all year.

With Valentine’s day approaching, I decided to make the ol’ switcheroo.


DIY valentine wreath homemade valentine decorations

First I removed all the dried orange slices, which still smelled heavenly by the way.

Then, I just attached pink and red wooden hearts.

The wooden hearts were part of a garland and even had clothespins attached to the back.

So it was really easy to just remove the orange slice and snap the heart on.

DIY Dollar Tree Valentine Wreath

Everything I used can be found at the Dollar Tree so this is another one of my favorite Dollar Tree Hack crafts.

Now that being said, the flexible garland used to make the wreath is sold at the Dollar Tree during the Christmas season, however, they may not sell it in February.

If you are unable to find the wooden hearts then gluing on some felt hearts will look just as cute. 

I will include some Amazon heart alternatives below.

The wreaths are super simple to make.

Just twist the garland tie around to make a perfectly shaped mini-wreath.

I replaced the cream burlap that I had used on my Christmas wreaths with a pretty pink burlap on all but one mini-wreath.

I like to make my center cabinet stand out, so I used red burlap and added three hearts.

How do you hang wreaths on kitchen cabinets?

When hanging, just tape the ribbon to the inside of your cabinet, and drape the burlap ribbon over the top of the cabinet.

Yes, it’s really just that simple.

DIY Valentine mini wreath. Homemade Valentine Decor


These cute DIY Valentine wreaths for the kitchen really make my white cabinets pop.

I love them!

Can I get away with leaving them up all year?

What am I saying, I can just add shamrocks after Valentine’s day and be ready for St. Paddys!

These little budget-friendly wreaths can easily be customized for any holiday while keeping my kitchen festive.

Don’t forget to check out these 8 simple ways to decorate your home for Valentine’s Day and be sure to print out these adorable Valentine Gnome wall art designs. 

Do you use Valentine kitchen decor?

Let me know in the comments below.

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Saturday 1st of February 2020

These are so darn cute! I will pin and save for next year!


Wednesday 15th of January 2020

Such cute mini wreaths


Wednesday 15th of January 2020

Very cute and cleaver!!


Wednesday 15th of January 2020

These are perfect! I love that they are festive but still minimalist - exactly my style!

Erika Ravnsborg

Wednesday 15th of January 2020

Those are so cute! You can do so much with those little wreaths.