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Valentine Slime with Free Printable “Valen-Slime” Cards

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Print your FREE Valentine’s Day “Valen-Slime” cards! Valen-Slime cards will be a big hit with all your child’s friends!

Eight different FREE Printable Valentine “Valen-Slime” Cards to choose from.

Valentine Slime is a great Valentine’s Day non-candy alternative.

Valentine Slime with Free Valen-Slime Printables

Valentine Slime “Valen-Slime” Free Printable

Slime is such a fun DIY because you can always make it differently. The slime trend has really been “sticking around” –see what I did there 🙂

Slime is the perfect sensory play activity. Kids can squish it, stretch it, squeeze it, and even make funny noises with it. Kids just love SLIME!

My middle child has made every type of slime you can think of. She knows all the slime recipes by heart and even all the tricks of making the best slime ever.

When it came time for her to choose Valentine cards for her enrichment class, she already knew she wanted to incorporate Valentine Slime aka “Valen-Slime”.

Valentine Slime “Valen-Slime”

Valentine Slime

Supply List:


  1. Pour the entire bottle of glue into a large mixing bowl.
  2. Add the baking soda and mix it very thoroughly.
  3. Add the red food coloring and mix. You can add as many drops as you like for your preferred shade of red.
  4. Add the contact lens solution and mix.
  5. After the slime begins to form, knead it with your hands (my daughter’s favorite part!).

*Tips: Add a little more contact lens solution if your slime feels too sticky. Only use a contact lens solution that has boric acid.

Free Valentine’s Day “Valen-Slime” Printables

Free Valentine Card Valen-Slime Printables

Printing your own Valentine cards is very budget-friendly. My daughter helped me design all 8 cards, so you can say these are KID APPROVED.

These cards include all the kid’s favorites like a llama, pug, narwhal, dinosaur, robot, rocket, kittens, and a shark. What is great about printing your own Valentine’s cards, is that you can choose the cards you want to use.

Supplies Needed:


  1. Fill each little storage cup up with your Valentine Slime.
  2. Download your FREE Printable Valen-Slime Cards.
  3. Print the cards on card stock paper.
  4. Cut the cards out using the red cut line as a guide.
  5. Tape the storage cups on the cards.

Super easy, and super cute!

Your child will be so proud that they made their very own Valentines for their friends!

My daughter is super excited to share her homemade slime with all of her friends.

Remember, Happiness Is Homemade.

Sign up to get the FREE VALENTINE PRINTABLE CARDS in the FREE Resource Library. 

We hope your child loves them as much as we do.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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