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The 365 Day Penny Challenge Reversed

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The 365 Day Penny Challenge Reversed is the easiest money-saving challenge out there.

Did you know that saving your spare change every single day, can add up to hundreds of dollars by the end of the year?

Check out this easy Penny Challenge Chart Printable to help you get started!


365 Day Penny Challenge Reversed


365 Day Penny Challenge

The 365 Day Penny Challenge has grown very popular because everyone wants to save money. It sounds so easy to just save pennies!

The original challenge calls for you to save a penny for every day of the year.

For example, start with saving 1 penny on day one, 2 pennies on day two, and going all the way to day 365 saving 365 pennies on that day.


365 Penny Challenge Reversed


The problem for some people is that they start this challenge at the beginning of the year, which means they end this challenge in December.

December tends to be a very costly month because of the holidays.

From gifts to travel to food, we tend to spend more in December than any other month.

That makes it hard to SAVE MORE in the month of December.

365 Day Penny Challenge Reversed

365 Day Penny Challenge Reversed

The 365 Day Penny Challenge Reversed makes it easier to not have to save as much money in December.

By starting with saving more pennies and dwindling down to one penny, the challenge becomes easier.

Then when December rolls around, you have nice size savings, without much effort.

To start the Penny Challenge in Reverse you will save $3.65 on your first day, then add $3.64 on the next day, continuing for one year going down 1 cent a day.

Then on your very last day, you will only be adding 1 penny to your savings with the grand total being $667.95! Not too shabby for a bunch of pennies!

Money-saving challenges are awesome because they really work.

It really doesn’t take much to add up in the long run. Remember, you can’t have a dollar without a penny.

Penny Challenge Chart Printable

365 Day Penny Challenge

Click image to grab your FREE Reverse Penny Challenge printable from the Resource Library

This challenge is the easiest money-saving challenge you will find.

Use this free 52-week money challenge printable to help you get started.

I’ve even broken down this Penny Challenge into weeks to make it more convenient.

Grab a mason jar or an old coffee can and throw your pennies in.

There is no reason not to try this super easy penny challenge.

The most money you will add in one day is 365 pennies ($3.65) and that is cheaper than a fancy coffee.

Pennies are everywhere!

They are in your couch cushions, in your car, and even on the street. People don’t bother with pennies because they think they are worthless.

Try this 365 Day Penny Challenge to see the worth of $667.95 just by saving some pennies.

Join me today and let’s make all of our money count!

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Hope Carson

Tuesday 7th of January 2020

Really love the idea! When I was very young, my granddad would reach into his pocket and let me and my sister pick out all of the pennies. It worked until we figured out that dimes were worth more! Late start but I'm adding up what I should already have now!!!

Amy Thompson

Wednesday 1st of January 2020

What a great idea to do this challenge backwards!


Thursday 5th of December 2019

Just added this to my New Year’s goal ideas. The challenge in reverse is a good idea. And the printout can easily be added to a planner for challenge accountability. Thanks for sharing.


Friday 7th of June 2019

This is so clever!!!


Thursday 14th of February 2019

Love this idea. I haven't tried it but I empty my change purse daily and add it to a vacation jar. Although I don't use much cash so it doesn't add up to but probably no more than $5 a week but it's better than nothing.