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60+ Aesthetic Dorm Room Ideas On A Budget

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How To Have An Aesthetic Room At College! 

Aesthetic dorm room ideas to have a trendy room to relax, study and sleep in, to make college feel a little more like home.

No matter, if you are decorating a teen girls’ room or a tiny dorm room, aesthetic rooms are essential to making the room comfortable and fun.

Having a cute dorm room will make any young woman feel happy!


aesthetic dorm room


My oldest daughter will be going to college soon.

We have spent the past year touring different colleges and universities to find the perfect place.

The one thing she didn’t like about every single place we toured was there were no “cute dorms” just plain boring rooms.

My daughter is very artistic and loves things to always be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

So we have decided to give her dorm room an aesthetic makeover, to help her feel more at home while she is so far away from us.

How To Have An Aesthetic Room

If you are looking for tips on how to have an aesthetic room then first you must find your style.

There are so many trending room styles out there, but you need to know your own personal style so you will LOVE it.

Make a vision board of images of rooms and decor that you like in order to find your own aesthetic style.

How To Make Your Room Aesthetic:

* Display focal pieces, like wall art or a macrame hanging.

* Pick fluffy white bedding.

* Add colored throw pillows – blush pink or burnt orange are trending now.

* Hang fairy lights.

* Have some greenery – real or faux.


Aesthetic Dorm Room Themes

Check out these beautifully aesthetic room ideas and dorm themes.

Use these dorm room decorating ideas to find some budget-friendly pieces to style your room just the way you want it.

Aesthetic Dorm Room: Bohemian

The Bohemian style is really popular right now.

It is a mix of colors, textures, and of course greenery.

For the aesthetic boho room, you must incorporate macrame, natural wood elements, and of course plants.

This moon phase hanging is a perfect addition to any aesthetic room decor.

It’s remarkable how a simple, minimalist accent piece like this wall decor can tie a room together.

These cute hanging wooden shelves are perfect for displaying small plants, flowers, pictures, candles, and other knick-knacks.

Not only do these shelves add a decorative boho touch to your interior design but they add extra storage space.

White tassel pillows are an inexpensive way to add some boho style to an aesthetic dorm room.

To finish off this boho look, just add some small succulents or snake plants.

Not only are plants aesthetic but there are so many benefits to having indoor plants.

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Aesthetic Dorm Room: Modern Shabby Chic

aesthetic dorm room

photo credit: @bedsandbedrooms


Pastels and whites are the palettes for modern shabby chic room decor.

Adding some black and blush pink accents give a modern vibe.

A simple minimalist white inspirational tapestry is the perfect focal point to pull this look off.

Adding in some cute eyelash decor is another budget-friendly way to pull this aesthetic dorm room look together.

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Modern Shabby Chic is a mix of whites and blacks with a feminine touch.

Don’t forget to add some symmetrical rose gold fairy lights.

Aesthetic Dorm Room: Whimsical Peach

Using peach color accents are very popular right now.

The pinkish peach color is feminine and soft. Adding a soft peach throw will go perfectly with any white fluffy bedding.

Adding some ivy string lights gives this room a whimsical feeling.

Displaying macramé hangings will instantly add an aesthetic touch to any room.

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Another easy decor item to add style is a faux fur rug.

Adding a small white faux fur rug beside the bed will add warmth and softness to any room.

As you can see in the image above, it even looks good on top of the carpet.

Aesthetic Dorm Room: Urban Eclectic

Creating an eclectic aesthetic room is all about mixing styles together to bring a comforting ambiance.

Adding a vintage scientific chart tapestry will really give your dorm room character.

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My daughter currently has a cacti-succulent tapestry in her room.

It was such an inexpensive piece that really gives her a room an urban feel.


aesthetic dorm room


Adding a hammock chair in the corner is another fun aesthetic room piece.

Since having a chair hanging from the ceiling will not be allowed in most college dorm rooms, you can purchase a stand that is sturdy enough to hang your hammock chair.

Aesthetic Dorm Room: Disney Dreamer

Aesthetic Dorm Room Disney

photo credit: Pinterest

No matter how old a girl gets, Disney is will always be magical.

If you are a Disney girl then you can still decorate your room aesthetically.

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Picking out the perfect pieces for a Disney dorm theme will be easy for a true Disney fan.

Then just add some whimsical floral fairy lights to pull off this dreamy dorm room theme.

Aesthetic Dorm Room: Rustic

aesthetic dorm room

photo credit: @bedsandbedrooms

A “rustic” themed dorm room mixes primitive decor with farmhouse style.

It makes a cozy room that isn’t deemed too girly.

Also, it lets you mix and match an array of colors, shapes, and textiles.

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With a rustic dorm room theme, the decor options are pretty much endless.

Aesthetic Room: Pink & Gray Dorm Room

pink and gray dorm room

photo credit: Pinterest

Pink and gray are two cool and soft feminine colors that go very well together.

The neutrality of the gray shade pairs perfectly with dusty pink accents.

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White bedding mixed with some black furniture pieces really makes the pink and gray colors pop.

Aesthetic Dorm Room: Boho Chic

A Boho Chic dorm room theme uses neutral colors with natural rattan pieces.

The goal with any Boho style is to create a relaxing atmosphere for a creative free spirit.

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Aesthetic Dorm Room: Floral Boho

Adding some faux greenery to a room will instantly add some aesthetic focal points.

I would have never thought of adding individual flowers to the wall, but I must say it makes a gorgeous statement.

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Aesthetic Dorm Room: Burnt Orange Bohemian

aesthetic dorm room bohemian

photo credit: Pinterest

The color of burnt orange really pairs well with white to give the perfect Bohemian look.

The warm tones give an “earthy” feel to any room decor.

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Dorm Aesthetic

Now you should have some great ideas on how to have an aesthetic room.

Just use your creativity and use these cute dorm themes as your inspiration.

Which dorm room theme was your favorite?

Tell me in the comments!

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Alyssa :)

Sunday 27th of August 2023

So aesthetic I will definitely use one of these when I go to my dorm!


Friday 17th of March 2023



Monday 17th of May 2021

Great ideas!! "so aesthetic" as my daughter called them LOL

Jess :)

Monday 17th of May 2021

great ideas!! my daughter loved them !!


Monday 17th of May 2021

loved these ideas!! :)