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Elf On The Shelf Twister FREE Printable

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Fun Elf Twister FREE printable to add to your FREE Elf On The Shelf ideas!

Includes free Elf Twister board game and spinner!

It’s a great Elf on The Shelf idea for home or the classroom!


Elf Twister Free Printable


Elf Twister Free Printable

Has your Elf on the Shelf already started his or her shenanigans?

If not, I am happy to tell you that there is plenty of free Elf on the Shelf ideas and printables to help fill up your holiday calendar. 

I am sure your Elf loves to play pranks and games just like ours does.

So to make things more exciting for our kids, we decided to make an Elf version of our kid’s favorite game.

That’s right we made Elf Twister!


elf twister free printable


We first introduced the game to our kids by setting up our Elf, Buddy twisting around with their favorite stuffed animals.

It was a huge hit!

My kids loved waking up to see Buddy playing Elf Twister with other toys.

They spent hours playing Elf Twister with their dolls and stuffies for the rest of the morning!


Elf Twister Free Printable


Elf Twister Free Printable

We had so much fun playing Elf On The Shelf Twister that I had to share it with my readers.

I made Elf Twister FREE printables to share so you can have fun with kids and grandkids. 

Materials Needed:

  • Elf Twister Printables
  • Scissors
  • a paper clip
  • Cardstock
  • a split pin
  • Laminator (optional)

Elf On The Shelf Twister Printable

First, download the Elf Twister free printable from our Resource Library.

Once you sign up here, you will be emailed the link and password shortly. 

I printed our game on cardstock and then laminated it.

Laminating the Elf Twister game board is optional of course, but it will prolong the life of the game.

It will protect your printable twister board from fading, sticky fingerprints, and/or getting ripped while your kids are playing.


Elf On The Shelf Twister Printable


Elf Twister Spinner Printable

Once you have printed out the Elf Twister spinner printable, then you need to put it together.

The directions are on your printable.

Although I will still go over them so you can see just how simple it is. 


Elf On The Shelf Twister Spinner Printable


Instructions For Elf Twister Spinner Printable:

  1. Make a hole in the center of the spinner.
  2. Take a split pin and insert it through the narrowest loop of a paper clip & push the split pin through the hole.
  3. Leave a small gap to let the spinner spin.
  4. Turn over and open the feet of the split pin to secure it.

Printable Elf On The Shelf Games

Download the free Elf Twister game and start your Elf Shenanigans!

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Or this ISpy Elf On The Shelf printable. 

Plus, we have Elf Toy Donation Letter to get your kids to declutter their toys!

Make this fun Elf game part of your Christmas Bucketlist!

Read more about our family’s meaningful Christmas traditions to make the holiday magical!

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