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8 Garden Planners To Easily Design A Garden

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8 different Garden planners used to plan the design & layout of your garden.
Gardening design ideas from online apps, programs, & printables.
Garden planners & Gardening design ideas
It’s that time of year again!
Time to get out the gardening supplies and get to work!
While gardening might not seem that complicated in retrospect, many of us feel lost when we first get started.
We think that just because gardening has been something people have been doing for centuries that it cannot be that complicated, can it?

How do you design a garden plan?

Planning and designing your garden layout can be a difficult task. 

It requires you to consider the needs of the plants, your climate, as well as your own aesthetic preferences.

Depending on your climate, you also have to decide which plants will go into aesthetically pleasing planters and which will go directly into the ground. 

There are many different types of garden planners that you can use to help with the process of designing a garden plan and planning the garden layout.

Some are designed for specific purposes, such as vegetable gardens or flowerbeds, while others are more general and can be used for any type of garden.

You might not think you need a gardening planner, and neither did I at first.
However, after I began using a gardening planner tool that was a perfect fit for my gardening goals, I was able to accomplish and learn so much more!
That is why I have gathered and created this list of my top 8 favorite gardening planners!
These planners will not only make your gardening experience easier, but you will gain more knowledge about how to properly grow and take care of your garden this year.
Plus, be sure to download these free garden design printables.

8 Garden Planners & Gardening Design Ideas


Garden Planners and gardening designs


1.  Design Your Garden Toolkit

Create your own real-life, garden model with the Design Your Garden Toolkit.
With this toolkit, you get a tri-fold design board as well as over 150 stickers to help you make the best model for your future garden.
People who have purchased and used the Design Your Garden Toolkit have said that it is “amazing for generating and playing with garden ideas” and “the perfect garden toolkit for beginners”.

2. The Yearly Gardening Planner

This Yearly Gardening Planner will help with the garden layout and design, planting schedule, garden budget, plant tracking, gardening tasks, and more.
It is the printable garden planner I use. 
I love it because it is easy to print out and add to a 3-ring binder.
The Yearly Garden Planner is designed to take the guesswork out of gardening and support you throughout the growing year.
garden planner

3. VegPlotter 

VegPlotter is an online garden planner.

With VegPlotter, you get to outline your own garden virtually and plan as far into the future as you please.
All you have to do in order is measure your own garden with twine or however you choose.
Once you have a rough estimate of your garden measurements, make sure to plug those measurements into VegPlotter and start planning!
VegPlotter users love the simplicity of the platform.
It is an easy little garden design app that can really help with your garden layout.
You can get VegPlotter for free for 7 days, no payment information is needed!

4. Garden In Minutes

Garden In Minutes is a family-owned company, that specializes in garden grids and raised bed gardens.
Not only can you plan the layout of your garden with their garden grid but they offer worry-free watering systems and tool-free garden beds.

5. Gardeners Supply Company

The Gardner’s Supply Company offers a FREE online garden planner that gives you the blueprints to help produce the most successful garden that you could ever dream of.
Instead of working in traditional rows, this only gardening planner uses basic square-foot techniques.
This garden design app offers you 26 different pre-planned garden layouts and of course, an option for you to customize your own garden from scratch!

6. Gardena’s myGarden

The free garden planning tool from Gardena is perfect for anybody who is looking to bring their visions of their dream garden to life!
Using myGarden, you can plan and draw out the garden with measurement precision.
Also, if you are feeling lost about what you want your own garden to look like, myGarden has plenty of example garden design ideas for you to view and edit.

7. The Week-By-Week Vegetable Gardeners Handbook

This handbook offers so much guidance on planning a vegetable garden.
The Week-By-Week Vegetable Gardeners Handbook gives you daily and weekly to-do lists in order to keep your vegetable garden in check.
Not only is this handbook customizable, but it is also compatible with your garden choices! 

8. Garden Planner – Small Blueprinter

The Garden Planner from allows you to create a virtual model of your garden.
Compatible with Windows and Mac, this software is an easy-to-use garden and landscaping tool.
With a library of over 1200 plants, that are all customizable, the garden possibilities you can create are endless!
You can also view your virtual garden in 2d and 3D.

Easily Design A Garden With A Garden Planner

With the help of garden planners, you can easily plan and design your garden layout.

There are many different types of garden planners, ranging from online apps to paper-based ones.

Hopefully, you can use one of these garden planners listed above to create a blueprint for your future garden or work on a specific area in your current one.

Be sure to download some free gardening planning printables to help you design your garden layout.

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