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DIY Easter Tree Ornaments (Dollar Tree Easter Craft Hack)

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Check out these Hatching Chick Egg Easter Tree Ornaments for a tree!

These easy DIY Easter decorations are made from Dollar Tree Easter Crafts! 


DIY Easter Tree Ornaments - Dollar Tree Easter Crafts


Easter is a time of joy and celebration, and one way to make it extra special is by decorating a festive Easter tree.

Decorating an Easter tree can be fun and easy when you DIY Dollar Tree Easter crafts to make your own DIY Easter ornaments!

Easter tree decorations are becoming increasingly popular because they are a fun and unique way to decorate your home for spring.


DIY Easter Ornaments Easter Tree


If you are new to the Easter tree idea, I promise it does not mean you have to pull your Christmas tree out of storage.

Easter trees are small tabletop bare birch trees that can light up.




They are really cute and neutral, so they go with any decor. 

DIY Easter Tree Ornaments on your Easter Tree can be used to add a whimsical and meaningful touch to any home, classroom, or office space.

From traditional egg-shaped ornaments to ornate crosses and bunnies, Easter tree ornaments can bring a festive atmosphere to any space in your home.

With the right decorations, an Easter tree can become an eye-catching Easter centerpiece that your family and friends will love!

If you want to make homemade Easter ornaments for your tree, I have you covered!

Whether you’re looking for something simple or something more elaborate, with the right dollar tree easter craft hacks, you can easily create a unique and beautiful Easter tree!




DIY Easter Ornament – Dollar Tree Easter Hack 


As you already know, if you follow me, I like to use free holiday printables (like these Easter printables) and Dollar Tree Hacks to decorate my home for the holidays. 

It lets me decorate for every holiday while still keeping my budget. 

So this Easter, I used some Dollar Tree crafts to make my DIY Easter ornaments for my little birch tree centerpiece.

These were so simple to make and turned out so cute!


Easter Tree Ornaments


DIY Dollar Tree Hatching Chick Easter Egg Ornament

Dollar Tree Easter Craft Supplies
● Blank wooden egg shapes
● Blank wooden chicken shapes
● Sponge dabbers
● Micro tip brush pen

Other Supplies
● Acrylic Paint (Walmart has it for around 0.54 a bottle)
● Glue gun
● Scissors


ornaments for Easter Tree


Instructions on how to make DIY Easter Ornaments 

1. Use scissors to separate the top layer of the wooden egg.

Work gently to ensure the two parts do not break.

If a layer of wood sticks to the back of the top layer, that’s okay. The chick will cover it up.


Dollar Tree Craft DIY Easter Ornament

2.  If the top layer of the egg has spare wood blocking the flower-shaped holes, make sure to pop that out so they are clear.

3.  Use scissors to cut down the bottom part of the wooden chicken cutout.

Line it up with the whole egg to get the size of the chicken correct.


Easter Ornament Dollar Tree Easter Craft


3. Use a sponge dabber to paint all three pieces.  The two parts of the egg will be the same color.


DIY Easter Ornaments


4.  Allow each part to dry completely.

5.  Use the brush pen to make an eye for the chicken and trace dotted lines outside the whole egg.  This gives it dimension.


DIY Easter Ornament

6. Use the glue gun to glue the chicken to the whole egg and then glue the cracked egg piece to the chicken.


Easter Ornament

7. Tie the included twine onto the ornament, which is now ready to hang on your Easter tree.

Tips For Your Easter Ornaments (Dollar Tree Easter Hack):


Easter Ornaments Dollar Tree Easter Hack


● Experiment with the paint colors. Pastel colors work great with this project!

● If making this project with kids, you can use white glue instead of a glue gun.

It won’t be as secure, but they can still enjoy it.

● When peeling apart the two egg pieces, optionally soften the glue with a hairdryer can help them separate cleanly.


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