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7 FREE Printable Secret Santa Questionnaires, Forms, & Tags

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Free printable Secret Santa questionnaire, forms, letters, and gift tags for adults and kids.

Using Secret Santa Questions is a fun way to get to know the person you are buying a gift for!


Secret Santa Questionnaire Templates


Secret Santa is a popular gift exchange where participants randomly assign a person to buy a gift.

There are many variations of the game, but it usually involves having a group of people and assigning each person to someone else in the group to buy them a secret gift.

It’s also called White Elephant, Yankee swap, or Kris Kringle.

A Secret Santa questionnaire is a form the participant should fill out before the event.

It usually includes questions about the person’s hobbies, likes, and dislikes to be gifted with. 

A Secret Santa questionnaire helps you know more about the person you give a gift to.

Also, it lets your secret Santa know what you like and what you don’t like.


Secret Santa printables free


What do you put in a Secret Santa questionnaire?

A secret Santa questionnaire should ask about things related to the person’s interests, hobbies, or favorite things.

For the Secret Santa questionnaire to work properly, it should have at least 10 questions that are all answerable with either yes or no or either/or. 

Some appropriate questions include: “Do you prefer sweet or salty?” and “What is your favorite color?”

It is also a good idea to leave a space for the person to include their dislikes or allergies.

The questions to ask for Secret Santa should be fun and not too long.

It is important to keep your Christmas questionnaire short and sweet so that it is not overwhelming for the person filling it out because it is supposed to be fun!

What do you put in a Secret Santa questionnaire?

The following questions are a good place to start:

Secret Santa Questions

What are your favorite snacks?

What are your favorite drinks?

What are your hobbies?

Where are your favorite places to shop?

What is your favorite color?

Do you prefer salty or sweet?

Do you prefer classic or modern?

What is your favorite scent?

Do you prefer relaxed or adventurous?

What are your dislikes?

Do you have any food allergies?

What is something you need?

Secret Santa Questionnaire Free Printables

These Secret Santa questionnaires for adults or kids are a fun way to get to know the person you will give a gift.

It can also allow you and your co-workers or friends to learn about each other.

Here are some fun Secret Santa forms & free printables.

Use these Secret Santa list templates to play with your friends, family, and co-workers.


Secret Santa Questionnaire

Click the image to sign up to download from our Resource Library.


Fun Secret Santa Form

This Secret Santa template printable is separated into fun parts to fill out.

This is a fun interactive gift exchange form for kids and adults.


Secret Santa Form

Click the image of the questionnaire to download from the Resource Library.

Secret Santa Survey

This secret Santa survey asks the person to list their favorite foods, hobbies, drinks, colors, and more. 


Secret Santa Survey

Click the image to sign up to download from our Resource Library.


Gift Exchange Questionnaire

This gift exchange questionnaire free printable is the same as the Secret Santa Survey, but it just has gift exchange so that it can be used for White Elephant, Kris Kringle, Secret Santa, and more.


Gift Exchange Questionnaire printable

Click the image to sign up to download from our Resource Library.


Letter From Secret Santa

This free printable is perfect if you want to include a letter with your gift.

Secret Santa Template

Click the image to download it from the Resource Library.


Secret Santa Gift Tag Printable

Use these fun Secret Santa Gift tag printables to make your Secret Santa gift even more fun.


Secret Santa Gift Printable

Click the image to sign up to download from our Resource Library.



Secret Santa Gift Tag Free Printable


Have fun with these free printable Secret Santa templates, forms, questionnaires, and gift tags!

These can all be downloaded for FREE from our Resource Library.

Sign up here to have the link and password emailed to you shortly. 

There you will also find free Christmas planning printables

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Or this DIY Happy Jar gift

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