Secret Santa Questionnaires & FREE Printables

Secret Santa Questionnaire Printables

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Free printable Secret Santa questionnaire, forms, letters, and gift tags for adults and kids. Using Secret Santa Questions is a fun way to get to know the person you are buying a gift for!

Gift Exchange Questionaire

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A Secret Santa questionnaire helps you know more about the person you give a gift to.

There are many variations of the game, but it usually involves having a group of people and assigning each person to someone else in the group to buy them a secret gift. It’s also called White Elephant, Yankee swap, or Kris Kringle.!

Secret Santa Forms

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FREE Secret Santa questionnaires, forms, letters, and gift tags!

These Secret Santa questionnaires for adults or kids are a fun way to get to know the person you will give a gift. It can also allow you and your co-workers or friends to learn about each other. Here are some fun Secret Santa forms & free printables. Use these Secret Santa list templates to play with your friends, family, and co-workers.