Thanksgiving  Place Cards Free Printable (double-sided)

Thanksgiving place cards (free printable) to add a special touch to your dinner setting!


These double-sided Thanksgiving place card templates will show your guests how thankful you are for them. Also, while creating the opportunity for them to express their Thanksgiving thankfulness!

These Thanksgiving place card templates are interactive for your Thanksgiving guests. The first side is the name card. It says “We are thankful for” and has a blank area for you to write your guest’s name.

On the other side, is an “I am thankful for” card for your guests to write what they are most thankful for this Thanksgiving. This a great keepsake and Thanksgiving dinner icebreaker. 

There are two beautiful designs to choose from!

These homemade Thanksgiving place cards are a great conversation starter for around the dinner table. They are a fun and creative way to bring your Thanksgiving dinner to life.


Download these double-sided Thanksgiving place cards (free printable) now!

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