Learn how to make Jack O Lanterns Last longer with these Rot Prevention Tips For Carved Pumpkins!

With using common house hold items you can easily learn how to preserve carved pumpkins for Halloween!

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Preserving your pumpkin before and after you carve it would be best. Find out how to use items like bleach, vinegar, or even hair spray to keep your carved pumpkin fresh!

 Inspect the entire pumpkin for soft spots, holes, and bruises before picking out your pumpkin from the pumpkin patch

There are several different ways you can preserve your pumpkin. It all depends on if you will be carving it or not.


Several household items work. There are even two methods that will preserve your Jack O Lantern for up to 2 weeks!

Find out all the methods to prevent jack o' lanterns from rotting that use common household items.