How To Clean Electric Blanket  Correctly

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Can you wash an electric blanket? Yes, you can. But their are other ways to clean a heated blanket as well. Here are some of the best ways to learn how to clean a heated blanket and even how to wash electric blanket!

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Use these tips to clean a heated blanket the right way without any damage!

It’s understandable to be concerned about how to wash an electric blanket, but it’s totally doable. Always check the care tag.

How To Clean An Electric Blanket When you’re cleaning an electric blanket, there are several options you can go about it, but you need to know what to do as you’re doing them.

Did you know that instead of washing your electric blanket, you can opt to use a vacuum cleaner equipped with an upholstery attachment to delicately remove any debris or dirt from the surface of the blanket.

 Another method to consider is to spray your blanket with white vinegar or lemon juice lightly and allow it to rest for a few hours. This can aid in the removal of stains and the elimination of unwanted odors.

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