Overcome the depressing darkness of the winter by these tried and true WINTER BLUE REMEDIES.

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to talk about the Winter Blues. Most of us experience them in one way or another. The hustle and excitement of the holiday season let the cold winter sneak upon us.

We get so caught up in enjoying some of our favorite holidays that we don’t realize the air is colder, the sky is darker, and the trees are bare. Then, January rolls around and everything slows down.

There are no longer holiday parties, big shopping trips, family gatherings, or tons of holiday goodies to look forward to. There is that long stretch of winter from January to March, which is really hard for many people to deal with.

Everything may be gray outside, but there are many fun ways to BEAT THE WINTER BLUES. 

1. Get Outside Going outside may be the last thing you want to do on a cold winter day, but it is really helpful in combating the winter blues.

2. Essential Winter Vitamins Vitamins are essential during the winter months. We usually aren’t eating as healthy as we should be and most of the garden-fresh foods are not in season. Check out the list of vitamins needed. 

10. Throw a “Beat the Winter Blues” Party Get your closest friends out of their hibernation modes and invite them over for a fun party.

Remember the winter blues can affect us all. Be sure to read all 10 ways to beat them!