Fall Simmer Pot Recipe

How To Make Your Home Smell Like Fall

A cozy fall simmer pot recipe to make your house smell like fall!

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Easily make this simple fall stovetop potpourri recipe by mixing all your favorite fall scents together.

Fall has its own distinctive scent which can be captured by crispy leaves, wood smoke, apple cider, and homemade cinnamon sugar doughnuts.

Yellow Leaves

So to capture that smell in a fall simmering potpourri recipe, then you definitely need apples and spices.

By simmering all of these delicious fall scents together in a fall simmer pot, your home will instantly smell like fall!

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My favorite fall potpourri recipe to simmer on the stovetop includes apples, oranges, and some of my favorite spices.

Learn how to create this fall simmer pot recipe and DIY Fall crafts

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