DIY Neutral Pumpkins for neutral fall decor for the perfect coastal grandmother aesthetic

Do you prefer muted neutral colors instead of bright orange and red for your fall decor? Then you will love the coastal grandma aesthetic!

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If you are looking for grandmillennial style fall decor, coastal pumpkins, or even neutral farmhouse pumpkins to go with your coastal grandma aesthetic this list has you covered!

DIY white copper pumpkins.

DIY Wood beaded pumpkins to add a coastal grandma aesthetic to your soft and subtle neutral fall decor. 

If you are looking for grandmillennial style fall decor, then these fall coastal pumpkins are perfect! Driftwood pumpkins will go with style!

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Learn how to make simple pumpkins out of any neutral fabric you already have!

Use soft neutral colors and natural textures for coastal grandmillenial decor! Because the coastal grandmother aesthetic looks good with any fall decor style!

Add coastal accents to your neutral fall vignette. Use these simple DIY coastal grandma aesthetic Fall decorating ideas!

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